K20 Swap EG Civic 12.89 vs Mustang

Mike Hackett from ETD racing his K20 swapped Civic EG at TMP.

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K20 Swap Civic Eg Midnight RR Prequel (Part 2)
Now that the Bubble (EG6 Civic) has been prep-up for the K-swap, The wait game is over. Mugen finally bought K20a motor. The 2 amigo's work together to bolt on every part onto the body of eg6. Once the k20a drivetrain was installed, Mugen friend Tino, has done a lot of R&D on today's technology and electronic's and was the man to wire up K-Pro ECU to from engine harness to Civic body electrical fuse box and the S2000 AP1 gauge cluster one pin at a time. Once the EG6 Civic was together and successfully road tested to drive on the roadways, Mugen drove the Eg6 Civic to Evans Tuning to calibrate K-Pro to max out engine HP. After the tune, Mugen has upgraded to better brand headers and 3inch Exhaust to reach HP tune to 230hp. Now that EG6 is complete, mugen ready to battle Tino's S2000 on an endurance run. ****Posted 7/7/13 (Midnight RR Prequel Part 1) Link http://youtu.be/7OGMKtarlj8 ****

BMW 335i tuned vs. Civic Eg k-series swap 30 & 45mph roll race
A 2007 BMW 335i 6spd with juicebox tuner running a k-series swapped eg hatch from a 30mph roll and a 45mph roll.

CIvic Hatch K20 Swap Vs Stock SS ls1 Camaro
CIvic Hatch K20 Swap Vs Stock SS ls1 Camaro

k20 swap boosted first start up.
my 1997 honda civic with a K20 swap turbo first turning on since the swap was complete. still waiting on the downpipe from the shop. video recorded as of 4/21/12. recording the Dyno on 5/12/12 stay tuned! I have the following upgrades stage 4 clutch with lighter flywheel and pressure plate k-tuned fuel rail k-tuned fuel pressure relator short throw shifter 750cc injectors t3 turbo aem wideband gauge type rs bov tenzo r 18" rims type r lip kit too many to list the rest.