HEDMAN 304 Stainless Steel Hedders

Hedman Hedders has been putting together its world famous headers using mild steel tubing and flanges for more than 50 years. Although Hedmans are extremely durable, the mild steel material used by all header manufacturers is no match for the harsh conditions of an engine compartment. Even coated headers will fall victim to environmental conditions over time. Hedman 304 Hedders virtually neutralize the power of nature and the heat of the engine compartment. Built entirely of type 304 stainless steel (flanges, tubes, collectors), Hedman 304s are considered "the best of the best". As this video states, the 304 stainless steel used for 304s withstands heat better, and resists corrosion far better than mild steel materials. All Hedman 304 stainless hedders are available HTC (ceramic-metallic) Coated for vehicle owners who prefer a polished look in their engine compartment. To find out what applications are available in Hedman's 304 line, click here: http://www.hedman.com/categories/?id=6620.

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This video shows a set of #68608 Hedman Hedders on a beautiful, red 1965 Chevy Impala. The rest of the car is amazing as well.

Jon Reep "The Hemi Guy" At The 2013 SEMA Banquet
Jon Reep, "The Hemi Guy" from the Dodge Hemi commercials was the highlight of the 2013 SEMA Banquet in Las Vegas, NV. The Hedman Performance Group was lucky enough to be front and center for the night's festivities. To see exclusive photos from the evening, checkout our HedmanPerformance instagram feed.

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