Last Run of the Nismo

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I The Z King of Warsaw - Nissan 370z vs Nissan 350z Zet Klub 1/4 mile racing
I nieoficjalne zawody "The Z King of Warsaw" - 2013.07 - Zet Klub Warszawa Fairlady Z - wyścigi na 1/4 mili. Zapraszamy posiadaczy Nissanów 350z i 370z do Zet Klubu.

IF '06 350Z
'06 interlagos fire 350z with work meister s1r's


Nissan 350z Nismo - Greddy
Story: The owner is about to sell his car, so he takes it out for one last drive. But in the process he gets mixed feelings and contemplates his decision. Does he keep the car, or does he sell it and start over with something new... The same dilemma most car enthusiasts have to make at some point. Car specs | Engine: Greddy Twin turbo kit, HKS Fcon ECU, OS Giken Twin disc clutch, Greddy Ti-C turbo Exhaust (420 whp on 6 psi, 91 pump gas) Wheels: HRE 590RS, 19x11, 19x12, 265/295, Stoptech 6 piston front brake kit Suspension: Stance GR Pro coilovers, f/r camber kit, cusco sway bars