Off-Road Racers Kmart Box Set From 1998

If you like to collect vehicles with the Race Team (Racing) deco's, you will want to look for this set! Commando, Trailbuster (Roll Patrol - Jeep CJ-7) Suzuki QuadRunner, and Shock Factor.

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Hot Wheels Hot Haulers 4-Car Set From 1999
This set was supposedly based on trucks but I don't see the Deora II and Surf Crate really being classified as a truck. The Chevy Pro Stock and the '68 El Camino, no problem =)

A-Team Van Comparison Ertl vs Hot Wheels
Another shipping rant, a vintage Matchbox Superfast and a few Hot Wheels Blackwalls. Hot Wheels hasn't been the only company to release an A-Team Van in the past. In this video, I compare the Ertl verion, the vintage Hot Wheels Real Rider version, and the modern HW version. And as mentioned, a few other items were purchased from that eBay Seller.

Desert Loop Dare Extreme Shoxx Hot Wheels Track Set Review By Race Grooves
Extreme Shoxx Playlist Trucks and Playsets This track set contains an interesting loop! I have never tested one like this so I was quite interested in doing the review. If you're a fan of the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker model, the truck that comes in this set looks like an Extreme Shoxx version of Baja Bone Shaker! While the two other Extreme Shoxx set use a Launcher, this one is gravity fed and includes a clamp and four pieces of track. (4) orange, 13 7/8" short sidewalls I also tested these regular basic Hot Wheels versions: Bone Shaker, brown 2006 First Edition Bone Shaker, green 2009 Larry's Garage Baja Bone Shaker, 2013 New Model Joker Shaker, from 2012 Batman 5-Pack Here's an excellent resource! The three Extreme Shoxx models that I sent through the loop in one race were: Baja Bone Shaker, red, came in the set and also found in the Mega Stunt Pack Rockster, blue, from 2014 singles and also found in the Mega Stunt Pack Baja Truck, 2014, available as a single or in Boulder Bash Canyon Recommended videos, end-card annotations: Desert Loop Dare Extreme Shoxx Play Set (This video!) Boulder Bash Canyon Extreme Shoxx Play Set Mega Stunt Pack Extreme Shoxx Play Set (Coming Soon) Triple Air Challenge Extreme Shoxx Vehicles: Track Testing on Hot Wheels Track Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook Small Biz Page Facebook RaceGrooves Community Google+ RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists

Worlds BIGGEST HOT WHEELS Egg! Surprises Batman Robin Wolverine Ironman SuperHero RACE HobbyKidsTV
Hot Wheels Race with SuperHeroes, BATMAN 2015 SURPRISES! Click for More Racing Vids: Subscribe to HobbyKidsTV: New videos everyday! Please THUMBS UP, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE. This video idea created by HobbyKidsTV. ---TOY VIDEOS--- Worlds Biggest Eggs: Educational Vids: SuperHero Playlist: Surprise EGGS Playlist: OoQO1-D ---FIND US--- http://www, ---ABOUT HobbyKidsTV--- HobbyKidsTV is known for the World’s Biggest Surprise Eggs, Giant Surprise eggs and mega Play-Doh Surprises. We produce clean family friendly kids toy videos. We collect all brands of toys, review toys, do challenges, trips, educational learning and more. Join the HobbyFun today and come be a HobbyKid today! ---MUSIC BY--- Epidemic Sound Ride My Cadillac 06 Car Chase Rock and Roll 4