Off-Road Racers Kmart Box Set From 1998

If you like to collect vehicles with the Race Team (Racing) deco's, you will want to look for this set! Commando, Trailbuster (Roll Patrol - Jeep CJ-7) Suzuki QuadRunner, and Shock Factor.

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Hot Wheels Track Builder Clamp It! This ain't your grandpa's clamp!
Subscribe to RaceGrooves This is the best Hot Wheels clamp ever! Clamps have been a staple for gravity drops since they were introduced way back in 1968. When I was growing up, we also had trestles. I show you those original track accessories from the redline era! This new Hot Wheels Track Builder product combines the functionality of the clamp with a trestle! Never in history have you wished to have so many clamps LOL! Track Builder Playlist Here are some Track Time videos where I have used vintage trestles. Track Time 2015 E Track Time 2015 J Track Builder ABC's Boost It! Loop It! Jump It! Hot Wheels Track Builder Launcher D Hot Wheels Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Hot Wheels Track Tips Spiderman Web Sling Drop-Out Hot Wheels Super 6-In-One Track Time Playlist Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook Small Biz Page Facebook RaceGrooves Community Google+

Flinstones Flintmobile 2013 and 1994 Color Shifter From Hot Wheels
The 2013 New Models Flintstones Flintmobile isn't Fred's first go-round with Hot Wheels. There was a promotional 1994 Color Changer as well. In this video, I take a look at both models as well as the color changing effect of the 1994 version as well as a modern Color Shifter.

2013 New Models Repo Duty And Arrow Dynamic
Repo Duty is a tow truck so I wanted to check out it's towing capabilities. On the package, Arrow Dynamic says that it is good on the track. Let's check that out too!

Hot Wheels Hot Haulers 4-Car Set From 1999
This set was supposedly based on trucks but I don't see the Deora II and Surf Crate really being classified as a truck. The Chevy Pro Stock and the '68 El Camino, no problem =)