1974 Pontiac LeMans GT red

I can't recall seeing a LeMans GT..but here one is..and it's for sale! I really do like this style Pontiac....and this looks like it would perform very well on the street! GTO was now almost history...the last year for it, so this car helped bear the performance mantle for the division. Performance plus luxury...a nice combination!

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1964 Buick Skylark Convertible wh
This model has the Buick V8....it was also offered with a V6. It's the ideal size for a car, as far as I'm concerned. Special/Skylark was Buick's entry into the new class of compact car in the early 60's...it was a worthy competitor as far as I'm concerned. The styling was restrained, but had just enough chrome and stainless to show it was a Buick at heart!

1959 Chevy Impala Hardtop bluwh
A nice example...the owner takes pride in starting with a car that needs work..and this is the result! Another car has been saved for future generations to appreciate...Those tailights, controversial at the time, are easily the most identifiable parts of the car!

1964 Mercury Park Lane blk
Nice car, in beautiful condition! Breezeway rear window allows nice ventilation..and this one appears to have add-on A/C. This is a four door post sedan. Notice the four speed manual transmission! At this time there was another famous model...the Marauder was the four door hardtop!

1974 Pontiac Grand Prix J
If only Pontiac had continued building cars like this, the nameplate would still be around. A nice personal luxury car at a moderate price. This one even has automatic temperature control for the air conditioning. I didn't realize it was offered as an option at the time!