BMW 318 Ci Mild Sport Exhaust Note Longlife Exhausts Berkeley

BMW 318 Ci Mild Sport Exhaust Note. Exhaust System by Longlife Exhausts Berkeley GL13 9AA (15 minutes from Bristol)

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BMW E46 318Ci with Bastuck end muffler & straight pipe
Since my E46 318Ci was a bit too silent I figured I would install a different Exhaust. Bastuck came to my attention since they make Exhaust who are a 100% fit for my type of BMW. Not only the end muffler has been changed but I also ordered a straight pipe to the catalyst. So instead of an end muffler + mid silencer + catalyst I only have the end muffler & catalyst left :D. Feel free to comment. Sorry about the crappy quality, it's been recorded with a low range digital camera.

TOCE vs. Two Brothers Exhaust on 2007 R6 no cat
Exhaust comparison between the TOCE double down Exhaust and the Two Brothers Racing M2 V.A.L.E Black Series Exhaust on my 2007 Yamaha R6 with MJS race headers (no cat - 4-into-2-into-1 y-pipe). Music: ***THERE IS A VIDEO OF THIS Exhaust COMPARISON WITHOUT THE MUSIC ON MY CHANNEL***

DMH Cutout Install and Testing! Sound/video clips!
Watch AND Listen in HD!! Put on your headphones and crank up the second half! Hey all. Bit of a different video. No talking. Only one sentence through the whole video. I chopped it up, and only showed what I needed to. So...for those of you that dont enjoy my babbling...this is for you! First half is just some install footage, and some cut out sound clips. Second half is some excerpts from a short drive I took it on just for fun. So if you arent interested in seeing the cut out being bolted on, and see some under car shots of it working, skip about halfway! Thanks for watching! Follow Me!! Facebook - Instagram -

Rapidtune: Making a Longlife Stainless Steel Exhaust
Rapidtune Ltd. in Bath make Stainless Steel Exhausts under the Lionglife brand. Here's a quick video showing how its done.