Lamborghini LP570 Spyder Performonte, Honda NSX Super Hybrid, Holden Commodore Coming to U.S.

Lamborghini releases a new version of the Supperleggera, the LP-570 Spyder Performonte, Honda may have plans to make the next generation NSX a super hybrid, and Holden is in trouble so does that mean we could get the Commodore stateside? Fast Lane Daily hosted by Derek DeAngelis

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Audi RS3, Pagani/AMG News, BMW 3 Series Spy Shots
We've seen it testing the past year at the Nurburgring, now Audi has said it's ready to hit the market. It's the new uber sporty, RS3. Hosted by Derek DeAngelis

New Mercedes SLK, Mark Webber Admits Injury, Bernie Ecclestone Jokes
Sad news from Honda today, the 2012 SLK got leaked, Mark Webber had a serious injury during races, and Bernie sells watches. Hosted by Derek DeAngelis.

VW Golf R400, 2016 MX-5 Miata Crash, Mercedes Pickup - Fast Lane Daily
That VW Golf R400 we saw in LA is going to be more powerful than we thought! Mercedes dishes a little more about their pickup truck, but not before offending some people, and Terrafugia has the new TF-X flying car ready to fly the (digital) skies, for now. Plus, Mazda hooks up a couple with a brand new 2016 Miata MX-5 after theirs was totaled minutes after leaving the dealership. Finally, it's Tuesday, so something isn’t right because someone is Doing It Wrong! That and more all today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D! Doing It Wrong video: Check out FLD’s ShowYou page! Fast Lane Daily on iTunes! Click here: FLD Twitter: FLD Facebook: FLD on Instagram: Derek D Twitter: Have a tip? Email us:

Fast Lane Daily - 07Mar2007 - BMW M3 Hybrid Volt Geneva
Today we learn that the M3 concept is the hotness, Toyota's Hybrid X might break 100 mpg, GM is committed to an all-electric car, and Chrysler has some beef with Canadians (eh). Hosted by Tinabeth Pina. . php 6/1164/BREAKING&refsect=BREAKING u nless-caw-refuses-to-b/