1990 Honda Accord Ex Sedan

Picked this car up for $500 the other day, Really good car for $500 other than the fact that it has a transmission leak, which i will be getting fixed in a couple days

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1991 Honda Accord EX Startup
For Marvin :)

1990 Honda Accord Ex - Stolen for $300 Bucks
1990 Honda Accord EX made in Japan 07.27.2009 In Burien, Wa 98166

my 1990 honda accord
it is a 1990 honda accord and it is a stock and it is a fast ass car

1990 Honda Accord Test Drive
Sorry for the shaky filming. Car runs well. Needs a muffler and speedometer seems to read a little quick once it gets to fifty. The time it hesitated to go into fourth I had the shifter in d3. Oops.