1990 Honda Accord Ex Sedan

Picked this car up for $500 the other day, Really good car for $500 other than the fact that it has a transmission leak, which i will be getting fixed in a couple days

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1991 Honda Accord EX Startup
For Marvin :)

1990 Honda Accord Ex - Stolen for $300 Bucks
1990 Honda Accord EX made in Japan 07.27.2009 In Burien, Wa 98166

Honda Accord Maestro 1990 F20B SOHC VTEC
Honda Accord Maestro 1990 (CB1) F18A SOHC Carb. engine swap to F20B SOHC VTEC

my 1990 honda accord
it is a 1990 honda accord and it is a stock and it is a fast ass car