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Obese man loses a whopping 27 stone in four and half months
32-year-old Juan from Mexico is on a weight loss mission in the hopes he will soon be fit enough to have a gastric bypass. . Report by April Brown.

Paralysed man moves arm with thought-control
Bill Kochevar, who was paralysed after a cycling accident, can now move his right arm and hands thanks to thought-controlled technology. Report by Emily Mcnally.

Rarely seen predatory technique of killer whales attacking sea lion cubs
Video captures killer whales hunting sea lion along the Peninsula Valdes nature reserve in Argentina. Report by Charlotte Brehaut.

Trump signs order undoing Obama climate regulations
President Donald Trump says his administration is 'putting an end to the war on coal' as he signs an order undoing Obama-era climate regulations. Report by Conor Mcnally.