The Maxair HellCat Carb Kit : Mikuni 42 Flat Slide HSR Carb. Conversion - Yamaha Road Star Maxair Racing 42 Carburetor for the Yamaha RoadStar

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Carburetor Tuning Basics: Changing Your Carburetor Jets on a Mikuni Carburetor
I'm working on a new project we're calling "The Motorhome Experiment" at For years my wife has been riding with me on our motorcycle, even though she's not a huge fan, and now I've proposed selling everything and hitting the road in an RV. She's giving me a year, I think it'll be more...come check us out at The Motorhome Experiment channel on YouTube at Carburetor Tuning and Carburetor Jets - This video shows how to replace the main carburetor jets on a Mikuni carburetor. It is a very simple process on the Mikuni and can be done on other carburetors with a little effort and some basic tools. Figuring out what carburetor jets you actually need for your motorcycle is part art, part science. It can be done with proper testing equipment or by trial and error. Drop in a new carburetor jet and go for a ride. Drop in a bigger or smaller jet and go for another ride and compare the performance. Not that difficult really. If you live at higher elevations your jetting will be much different than those who live at sea level. All of those things effect performance. Engine modifications will also effect what jets you need because your engine will require more or less fuel depending on those mods.

How does the CV carburetor work and DIY adjustment screw - ep 26 - Roma Custom Bike
In this episode Custom Cez explains how does the CV carburetor works and how to adjust the mixture screw. With the help of a detailed animation, we can observe how the carb works from the inside. After publishing the original "Cv carburetor rebuild" ( 3kG_7OdroCRSTP6kn ) we have received many messages requesting more info, so we decided to produce this video to properly finish the job. Among the messages we were contacted by CV Performance with some suggestions. You can reach them on their site: Vacuum piston assembly: Then Custom Cez goes through the process of adjusting the idle mixture screw to optimize engine performance and throttle response. Don't forget to leave your suggestions in the comments and to share our videos in your social networks. What did we do: • jets cleansing • vacuum slide replacement • how does the cv carburetor work • how does the idle mixture screw work • adjustment of the idle mixture screw • diy Exhaust fumes pumping system Made in Rome, Italy we take a look at an European approach to modifying and customizing an Harley Davidson with Custom Cez, an amateur customizer in his home shop. An production, music by FAS. Visit the show homepage or the episode page: ork-and-adjustment-screw Check out our social platforms:

TPS Removal for 42 HSR Yamaha Road Star &Category_Code=42HSR How to remove your Yamaha Road Star OEM Throttle Position Sensor TPS to send to us to mount to our Maxair Racing 42 Carburetor conversion.

あまりにもプラグが焼け過ぎで、メインジェット移動。 I was too burnt plug too. So I changed the setting by moving the main jet.