'00 Honda Accord Coupe 70-120

Hey guys here is my second acceleration video. Its a rolling accel from 70-120 ish. Now, I got lots of comments on the last video saying accords cant go over 110, well here you go, and there was plenty of speed yet to go. A.) I shifted wayy too early (see needle on far left of screen I should have waited for it to pass the 6k mark B.) My up shift was at the wrong speed to produce maximum RPMs (I have an AUTO and I know when to upshift and the top speed for each gear to maximize the powerband) Ask any driver and no matter what speed you go, for top performance conditions must me right. Well, the only reason I didn't get it higher was it was really windy and my car was starting to get pushed around....that isn't safe at normal highway speeds let alone 120. So, hope you like it, its nothing to shake a stick at but....Accords are fast hands down, they do lack in top end acceleration because it takes forever to get past 130, LOL!

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Miata's at Laguna Seca - 25th Anniversary Event!
Hey all, I know I am really late with this upload, but I got some good footage so I didn't want it to go to waste. If you were driving down with the SAMOA's you may be in this video. Thanks for letting me a part of your group for the weekend, and a big shout out to Moss Miata and Trackmasters!

Gaming for a Cause: Monthly Tournament Dec 2013
I first must apologize for the extreme lateness of this video. I lost a hard drive and it took some time to recover the files. Austin Young is the CEO for Gaming for a Cause (G4AC). What they do is host gaming tournaments for all types of games, and then give the proceeds to various charities. This is a great example of competitive gaming giving back, I hope to attend more of these tournaments, not only because I love competitive gaming but to support the charities, while having a good time. It's win win! Be sure to check them out here, they are a great group of people: http://www.gaming4acause.org/

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