Moe the persian tow truck driver

persian way of towing a Porsche turbo....bringing the baby home

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Law flouting Porsche driver sees his SUV towed
Witnessed from a rooftop a $60,000 plus Porsche Cayenne SUV received a ticket for parking in front of a Fire Hydrant Apparently this had also been done on other days, and he did not get caught. A tow truck arrived, and after one failed drive away, eventually was about to leave when the young driver arrives but is powerless to stop the tow.

Crazy Tow Truck Driver
Mini broke down, had to wait two hours for tow truck, and then the tow truck broke down after picking us up, and we had to wait for it to be rescued! Luckily, the driver made it all worth while and was really entertaining!

Towing a Porsche
Me towing a 2010 Porsche Boxster s

Lamborghini Gallardo Being Badly Towed
Parking on the road is not a right you get with owning a supercar. These policemen in Cannes clearly wanted to make an example of that poor Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. They brought a towing car that clearly wasn't made to tow a Lamborghini. You can lift a Lambo but you can't tow it because it's too bloody low ! The guy was hardly trying to lift the front of the car so he could put wheels under... The wheels. The car certainly was parked with a selected gear (parking mode on the automatic gearbox) and the handbrake on. Making the car move is one of the worst thing for the transmition knowing that... So with a few wheels under the car, they finally managed to get it off the road in a rather... Twisty way. Enjoy!