2001 Firebird Formula 3500 Stall LS1 4.10 Gear Drag Racing

2001 Firebird Formula 3500 Stall LS1 4.10 Gear Drag Racing: Launching in 2nd because of wheel spin. Out at Orlando Speedworld Feb 3, 2010. 4.10 gear 3500 stall FTI converter Transpak stage 2 shiftkit Dyno tune @ 298 rwhp 348 rwtq

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2001 Formula Stock motor doing wheelie
Took my 2001 Formula to the track, its got an SS4000 converter, QA1 Suspension, and 3.73 gears. I broke two 10 bolts in 2 weeks, so I put a Moser 12 bolt in it. Suspensions is set up amazing, and for a stock motor, stock manifolds and stock cats, its running very well, and pulling the tire(s?) about 5" for 8 ft or so.

4k Stall test 2

Boltons Ls1 with yank ss3600
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2000 LS1 Z28 Camaro PTC 3600 Stall 2.73 gears
Just installed my PTC 3600 converter, but haven't installed the 3.90 gears yet. Next upgrade will be a Tick cam, and 3.90 gears. It's just a bolt on 2000 Z28, with a stall, video of some driving around and a couple of WOT blips.