GSR Race 2011-07-02

Lite race utanför Gävle. Filmat med Iphone redigerat i Iphone

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Skogenracing 9,92sec 235kmh
9sec Tallhed

GSR Gävle Open 2011
Winner Chevy Nova

Strangly sounding Ford Sierra
Anyone want to guess what engine?

Skogenracing: Ford Capri 2.9 turbo driving around (535bhp @ 21psi)
Made 535bhp at 21psi (1.45bar) of Boost. Pistons, Rods, valves, headgaskets are stock parts. Probably worlds strongest 2.9 cologne with so many standards parts. 0-100km/h 2.7s 0-200km/h 9.3s 100-200km/h 6.6s 402m 10.51s 212km/h