Best Motoring - 900hp V8 Monaro(Pontiac GTO) vs Nissan Sil80 DRifting

Best Motoring - 900hp V8 Monaro(Pontiac GTO) vs Nissan Sil80 DRifting...the best drift battle you will ever see ' Top Gear '(2 of 10).mpg.mpg

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Gonna Get Louder, Better - Chix's GTO Drifting Compilation
For easier ways to follow me day-to-day follow me on my blog: Facebook: Instagram: G+: d=111250943333518647796 I've had the itch to do a musical compilation video recently so I finally sat down, gathered all the material and went to work. It's been a fun road to get where I am now. Thanks to my family, friends, subscribers, Canton Racing, and spectators at events - you all help keep this project going! Music track by DJ Fresh - Louder (Flaxo Bootleg)

c.a.p.a. drift monaro
robby bolger

Top Gear's James May chasing a U2 spy plane in a HSV GTO / Monaro / VXR
Unbelievable - you've got to see this! James May chases after a U2 spy plane in a Pontiac GTO (HSV GTO / Holden Monaro / Vauxhall VXR)

Team NA vs Team Turbo - Tuner Battle Royale - Hot Version International
Go to for more car videos and content. [English Narration & Subs] Tuner Battle Royale - The ultimate tuner battle fest in Tsukuba. Featuring the Yashio S15 Silvia, RE Amemiya FD3S, Mine's R34 Skyline GT-R, C-West S2000 and lots more! Find out who wins!