Summit Point, NASA-MA race in my Honda Prelude H2 car.

Highlight vid from NASA-MA April 2010 race at Summit Point WV. I was the only H2 car to show up, so I moved myself up to H1 to race with 4 other cars. Got 4th on Sat. and 3rd on Sunday. We ran in the "thunder" race group so there was lots of fast V8 cars out there to mix it up with! Walter McKinney No. 577 1999 Honda Prelude.

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NASA Honda-Challenge race, in my prelude, Aug 2010 Sunday.
NASA road race weekend, Aug. 2010 Sunday race Track: Mid-Ohio. Car: 1999 Honda prelude Class: Honda-Challenge (H2) Driver: Walter McKinney Primary Sponcer: Mfactory

Prelude Race Car Build
Stock Car Racing song by Seether: Weak

Fast Car's Mil-Spec Honda Prelude

Honda Challenge, Summit Point Hyperfest 2010 Saturday race
In-Car highlight video from my race car. Race class: Honda-Challenge (H2) Track: Summit Point Raceway Event: Hyperfest 2010 Saturday race Driver: Walter McKinney Car: 1999 Honda Prelude, No. 577 Sponsor: