Summit Point, NASA-MA race in my Honda Prelude H2 car.

Highlight vid from NASA-MA April 2010 race at Summit Point WV. I was the only H2 car to show up, so I moved myself up to H1 to race with 4 other cars. Got 4th on Sat. and 3rd on Sunday. We ran in the "thunder" race group so there was lots of fast V8 cars out there to mix it up with! Walter McKinney No. 577 1999 Honda Prelude.

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Worst Car Audio Installs: Honda Accord with Prelude front end conversion and SoundStream 12's
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NASA Honda-Challenge race, in my prelude, Aug 2010 Sunday.
NASA road race weekend, Aug. 2010 Sunday race Track: Mid-Ohio. Car: 1999 Honda prelude Class: Honda-Challenge (H2) Driver: Walter McKinney Primary Sponcer: Mfactory

PAS/Cobetto 2011 Saleen Mustang NASA AI racecar @ Summit Point 8/21/11
Performance Autosport's 2011 Saleen Mustang NASA American Iron racecar @ Summit Point Raceway 8/21/11 with NASA Mid-Atlantic. Sunday race in Thunder group. Driver Chris Cobetto qualified P2 behind Beau Dunnivant, finished P1. Fastest lap 1:21.453.

1997 BB6 Honda Prelude Mugen Twin Loop Exhaust Zoom H1 H22 VTEC After many tests and hours of driving around at a local track, I've narrowed down the most decent settings with the Zoom H1 in order to capture the sound of the Mugen Twin Loop Exhaust. I did the best I could with the tools, software and my current knowledge. I still think this is a terrible video but I've been trying so hard to capture the right balance of engine and Exhaust note in one clip that I'm thinking I require more mics in order to capture the sound one is able to hear in person within the cabin of the vehicle. So this video will have to do for now until I master this stuff. Enjoy. --- プレリュード ホンダ ホンダプレリュード Mugen Mugen Power Spoon Spoon Sports JDM I ♥ Japan Japan Japanese Cars Motorsports Automotive SiR S-Spec SiR S-Spec BB6 Honda Prelude Honda Prelude 5th Gen Prelude RHD Type R 無限パワ スプーンスポーツ GoPro HD Hero Zoom H1 VTEC H22 Type S Twin Loop Mugen Twin Loop Mugen Twin Loop Exhaust Mugen Exhaust Mugen Header mikeschmeee