MR2 Racing Mallory Park

MR2 Racing Mallory Park 25th August 2008 racing series for the classic Mk1 MR2

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MR2 Racing Mallory Park
MR2 Racing at Mallory Park 25th August 2008. MR2 racing is the series for classic Mk1 MR2. Race 1 part 2

Hyundai Coupe Cup - Silverstone 2014 - Gareth Newton guest drive
Racing the Prize Motorsport Hyundai Coupe in the Coupe Cup. Silverstone August 2014. Starting from 29th, finished 15th. Managed to avoid the various incidents and had some great clean racing with no contact.

MR2 Championship - Anglesey 2014 - Gareth Newton - Class A Mk1 Race 2
Race 2 with the MR2 Championship at Anglesey. Qualified 20th overall, 1st in Class. Despite a a rear end shunt, managed to finish 20th overall and 1st in class

MR2 Racing, Oulton Park - September 2013 Race 2
Ludo McGurk SVE sponsored Mk1 MR2, racing in the MR2 Racing Series. First time driving an MR2 since 2010. Starting from 15th, finished 11th. Driven by Gareth Newton.