MR2 Racing Mallory Park

MR2 Racing Mallory Park 25th August 2008 racing series for the classic Mk1 MR2

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MR2 Racing Mallory Park
MR2 Racing at Mallory Park 25th August 2008. MR2 racing is the series for classic Mk1 MR2. Race 1 part 2

MR2 Racing Mallory Park Race 2 Alex Gassman
"The Fightback" Video from Race 2 of the second round of the Mk1 MR2 Race series. This is Alex's second ever race day. In the first race of the day, Alex started 5th and had a good tussel with a few other cars, finishing third. This is a video of the second race where this time he started 6th. Whilst waiting on the grid for the lights to go out, instead of putting it in 1st gear he put it in 3rd by accident, the result of which you can see in the video. However, he didn't give up and fought his way back up towards the front of the grid. At 5:25 in the video, there was a little bit of contact between Alex and #78 as a result of Alex being squeezed out and having no-where to go. 26.05.08 Add &fmt=18 to the end of the video URL and hit enter for a slightly higher resolution version.

Toyota Mk1 MR2 Racing Cadwell Park
Mk1 MR2 Racing at Cadwell Park 7th Sept 2008 race 2 part 1

Cadwell Park MR2 Challenge Series Race 1 of 2
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