new twin 3" exhaust for 4.2L twin turbo v6 VS commodore

running cold with the new Exhaust that was completed last night

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Jason's V6 Turbo Commodore debut on slicks
Jason's first time out on slicks and with the new setup which needs some taming! Advance forged built 3.8, PTE 6466, E85, Tremec 5 speed

VS V6 Commodore Dual Exhaust
True dual Exhaust I built at work for my VS V6 Commodore. Pacemakers, twin cats, straight through Berklee muffler, 2" pipes.

VS commodore V6 exhaust
This is what a V6 commodore should sound like! My mates '96 VS commodore executive. Pacemaker extractors, high flow cat, and a 2.5 inch lukey catback. Now Im a die hard Ford fan, but I'm yet to find a 6 pot falcon to sound as tuff as this

Commodore VT V6 Ecotec engine modifications
A walk around a VT Commodore Ecotec V6 with some modification parts from Mace Engineering