gtr 2 with custom 1200hp corvette an 950hp mosler

just a vid to show some of the game mods i do be shure to cheak out my other vids

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1200 HP Z06 TEST RUN
warhawk 454 cubic inch 20 psi f1r.

vette 1200 hp
badass vette doing some burnouts and stuff:)

D MOTOR - Corvette Z06
Mehr Videos unter 512 PS, Schub, Hubraum ... Dieses Auto lebt: Die Corvette Z06. Tim Schrick ist in seinem Element.

950HP in a 70s Econobox.wmv
This is what really happens if you put 950 HP into a Datsun 510... It is nearly undrivable. It is not a leaderboard car! But it is possibly the most fun you can have... you cannot drive this car without laughing out loud. The most amazing tune in Forza Motorsport 3.