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Max Dumper from the Mucktruck company
The Max Dumper at work.

Wyciąg do obornika
Prototyp Rumkowego wyciągu do obornika

chainsaw bike This is my Hm chainsaw bike 40cc engine from husqvarna with 2 Hp

Briggs and Stratton Powered Homemade Prototype Buggy
A short video of my homemade 3hp Briggs & Stratton Buggy. The buggy has an upside down car differential and a 3 speed gearbox. The primary drive is belt drive and this is used as a clutch. The final drive is chain drive from the gearbox to the differential. The steering system is a steering box from a mitsubishi colt and the steering rods have been modified to suit the buggy. It isn't very fast but can tow a car trailer or a boat trailer and it goes anywhere.