Racing Crash Compliation 2007

My first attempt at a race crash mixture

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WRC Rally Crash Music Video - RUSH Workin' Them Angels
Song: RUSH - Workin' Them Angels Album: Snakes & Arrows (2007) Website: I have always wanted to make a Rally music video but could never find the right song. The new album from Rush had some amazing tracks and when I heard this tune I immediately thought about Rally. These men and women really take great risks for meager pay in the pursuit of victory. Rally has a razor thin margin for error. There has to be a huge amount of faith between the driver and co-driver to win. The driver trusts that every pace note is correct and on time, and the co-driver trusts that the driver will keep the car safely on the road. If there are guardian angels, every rally weekend they are workin' overtime!

Nascar crashes
nascar crashes

DTM Crashes | No. 1
DTM Crash Compilation 1. Saison 2000 - 2008. [Modern Talking - Win The Race & Ready For The Victory]

Best of WRC Crash
Best of WRC Crash