Episode 1 and 2 preview.

Brief trailer of episodes one and two. Scheduled to premier November 25. Channel 354 directv / cox 118. Check local listings. Streaming live at rrtv.com.

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Vegas Rat Rods - To Hell You Ride.
On episode 6 of Vegas Rat Rods Season 2, An expert picker, Darnell finds hidden treasure buried in junkyards, farmers' fields and swap meets. This episode is called To Hell You Ride.

Auto Archaeology
The Award Winning TV Pilot "Auto Archaeology" explores how classic automobiles decaying in the backyard of communities all across the country need to be restored or recycled. By combining historical, environmental, and financial facts with a comedic sensibility, car lovers, history buffs and eco-conscious viewers of all ages are in for a treat. Hosted/Created/Produced by J. Paris "Auto Archaeology" won the BEST TV PILOT award at the 2009 Cinema City International Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Jesse G. James
Blacksmith #5 Jeff Decker Dan Bacon Carr

RatRodTV Episode 3. View at ratrodtv.com
Ms Redd hosts from S&S Garage. Cadillac Pat's Bomb Truck. Essex TV car "Frame Fab". Lincoln win-a-mig entry. Subscribe to RatRodTV channel and win a Full Contact Adjustable wrench.