1990 VW Cabriolet ABA Swap /w AGB Tranny and Shaved Head 4th Try.AVI

This Cabriolet has been upgraded to include a ABA 2.0 Block with the original 8v head. The head has been shaved 1/25000in. The head also has a 276 cam in it. The head and the air intake manifold have been polished like there was no tomorrow. The exahust is a dual 4-2-1 with custom piping. The head also includes an adjustable cam gear. The fuel is controlled by an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. The tranny that has been swaped in is a 1986 16v AGB close ratio. All the motor mounts were replaced with new ones. All but the front one were left stock. The front is polyurithane. The A/C and the power steering have been removed from this car. The distributor that was used was the original with the gear changed to fit the larger setup. The ECU is also chipped. Gauges added to this car are Fuel/Air ratio, Vacuum and Fuel Pressure guage.

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1987 vw cabriolet. Cleaned and decked head,1.6 cam, TT adjustable cam sprocket,ported intake, Audi 5k tb, custom intake pipe, k&n (soon) raceland cat less header, TT 2.25 header back Exhaust system, all new seals and rubber, new hoses, new radiator fan motor,cleaned and rebuilt fuel distributor, new water flanges, new o2 sensor,new injector seals, new battery, rubberized under hood, rubberized windage tray, all engine wiring gone over, cleaned and routed smoothly, hood struts, new cap and rotor, plugs, BB wires (soon) total flush, drained and filed gear oil, new brakes front and back, rubberized wheel wells, raceland coil over suspension, red/clear rear tai lights, stripped interior and rubberized floor pan, all new LED lighting inside, dash, interior and exterior, cleaned wiring in dash, adjusted doors due to sag, adjusted windows no rattle, 16x7 Motorex racing 2 piece wheels. Coming soon: clipper kit,wheel spacers, all new carpet and interior, new top and much more. Thank you for watching. Happy Building!!

ABA swap rabbit
the old setup....back in the day 260 cam, some chip..Exhaust something

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1992 Volkswagen Cabriolet, we've owned it since new and has 17,800 miles on it, runs like new. Has a 1.8 Liter Inline 4 with 90 horsepower. You can also see my mkv GTI when I roll down the back right window.