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BMW M3 test Circuit of Zolder listen to this sound

BMW silhouette JR Motorsport test GT divisie Dutch Supercarchallenge 4-4-2012 ciruit of Zolder.


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Alfa Romeo 75 IMSA Evoluzione with155 D2 engine,great sound.
Alfa Romeo 75 IMSA Tubolare met ex BTCC 155 D2 motor van Bob v/d Sluis, kwalificatie ronde tijdens spettacolo sportivo 2006.

2011 Dutch Super Car Challenge Zolder Unfall Bob Sijthoff
Heftiger Crash von Sijthoff

I have filmed several of the best sounding Ferrari Formula 1 cars from the past.This is how a F1 should sound like! You can see how the F1 being started and leaving the pit lane as well on the circuit. Listen to the sound of these F1 Ferrari's on the great circuit of Spa-Francorchamps in 2013.

Mazda 3 - 3 Rotor loud rotory sound follow 1 Lap 2012 @Zolder
Here you will hear the 3 Rotor mazda 3 that is driving on a really calm Zolder. The sound is just amazing! The BTCS has stopped so this car is active in the dutch supercar challenge.

Circuit Zolder best sounds special (F1, GT, Rally, ...)
For my 100th upload I've made a special video with only the best sounds and cars from the past 6 years at my home track, Circuit Zolder. All clips have been cut so only the best bits remain. So just sit back, relax and turn up the volume. :D Playlist 0:00 - 0:06 F1 0:15 - 0:40 Audi 0:40 - 0:50 Aston Martin 0:57 - 1:01 Ultima 1:01 - 1:05 Panoz Esperante 1:16 - 1:22 Formula Le Mans 1:31 - 1:34 Studebaker 1:34 - 1:47 Dodge Viper 1:47 - 2:45 BMW 2:45 - 4:07 F1 + other Formula series 4:03 - 5:14 Ferrari 5:14 - 5:18 Leyton House F1 JUDD 5:18 - 5:52 Ford 5:52 - 5:55 Jaguar X-Type silhouette 5:55 - 6:02 Renault Megane Trophy 6:07 - 6:14 Lola 6:14 - 6:33 Maserati 6:33 - 6:48 McLaren 6:48 - 7:11 Rally cars 7:11 - 7:16 Fiat X1-9 7:16 - 7:45 Superleague Formula 7:45 - 7:57 Champcar 8:03 - 9:23 Porsche 9:33 - 9:50 FIA GT 2007 10:06 - 10:25 Subaru Impreza 10:25 - 10:29 Mitsubishi 10:29 - 11:29 Nissan 11:42 - 11:56 Corvette 11:56 - 12:20 Mazda Clips date from 2006 to 2012. If you want more info about a clip or car, just ask. More special / funny video's in this playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2Cq8_BReITXzsKl04Yvaez8HAhGPfydx My pictures http://belgian-motorsport.com/ There is also a "best of" section on my site. It's not up-to-date though. http://belgian-motorsport.com/index.php?cat=23 My Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/belgian-motorsport/330079181265

BMW E36 M3 3.2 Vroemdag 2012 Zolder
BMW E36 M3 3.2 Vroemdag 2012 Zolder

Mazda 3 Sedan 20B - test Zolder 2012
Mazda 3 Sedan 20B testing at circuit Zolder on 2012-04-03. This year Van Herck racing will compete in the Supercar Challenge instead of the BTCS like last year. Mazda 3 sedan 20b racecar. (axela) 3 rotor engine with approx. 450hp (NA, no turbo) Rear wheel drive Team: Van Herck Racing Driver: Werner Van Herck (B) More video's of this car on my channel. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA4A8B45842A00F32&feature=view_all Check out this site for more info about the car http://www.va-motorsport.com/projects/?page=25 Here's my video of RX-7 that this team ran between 2006-2009. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovDnboDP8VY My pictures http://belgian-motorsport.com You can see all my pictures of this car on this link. https://flic.kr/s/aHsjXHdkHF My Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/belgian-motorsport/330079181265

Alfa Romeo Trackday Movie with Great Sound.
Here you see some nice sounding Alfa Romeo racing cars driving on the circuit of Zandvoort. I have made this film in 2004, so the quality is a bit less.

BMW Z4 GT3,SLS AMG GT3 great sound testing Zolder
International testday FIA GT1,GT3 and GT4 cars on the circuit of zolder 4-4-2012,with great sound from BMW Z4 GT3 and SLS AMG GT3.

3 X Alfa 75 IMSA vs Alfa 155 STW racing in the Dutch Alfa Romeo Challenge at the Circuit of Zandvoort. I have made this film in 2004, so the quality is a bit less.

3 X BMW M3 E30 DTM on track at Spa PURE SOUND
This is one of my favorite cars the BMW M3 E30 DTM. The sound, road-holding and the looks are just great. I filmed these three cars during a track day event at Spa-Francorchamps 02-11-2014.

Onboard 400bhp BMW M3 at Circuit Zolder!
IKDB Motorsport driver Koen Bogaerts racing a BMW E36 M3 with a 3,2 ltr 6 cylinder engine at Circuit Zolder, Belgium

BMW Z4 V8 GT3 PURE SOUND : Zolder Track Day
Video and footage By Max VDB

BMW M3 Silhouette - JR Motorsport - 24 Hours of Zolder 2013
The JR Motorsport was presented at Zolder 24h, with their amazing BMW M3 Silhouette. The BMW finished as 2nd overall and 1st in the Touring Class. Car: BMW M3 Silhouette Team: JR Motorsport Drivers: Ward Sluys, Steve Vanbellingen, Pascal Nelissen-Grade, Benoit Dupont Event: 24h of Zolder 2013 This car drived the 1000km of Palanga and is also findable in the Supercar Challenge!

France - GT1 - Nogaro Championship Race, Official Watch Again | GT World 09-04-12
GT1 2012 GP1 GT3 motor racing porsche ferrari Monday 09-04-12 - GT3 Championship race 0730-0900, GT1 Championship race 1200-1330 All the drama and excitement from an enthralling 2011 season. The Official YouTube channel of the FIA GT1 World Championship. Watch live races, exclusive driver interviews and all behind the scenes action. The FIA GT1 World Championship is a world championship sports car racing series developed by the SRO Group and regulated by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). It features multiple grand tourer race cars based on production road cars and conforming with the GT1 (2010-2011) and GT3 (2012-) regulations competing in one-hour races on multiple continents. Championships are awarded each season for drivers and teams. The FIA GT1 World Championship has started in 2010 as a successor to the previous FIA GT Championship which featured the GT1 category as well as a GT2 category. In 2012 the series originally planned to move away from exclusive use of GT1 cars by allowing 2009-spec GT2 from the former FIA GT Championship as well as current performance balanced GT3 specification cars to compete alongside the series' current GT1 cars. However as there were no interested GT2 teams and only a handful of former GT1 runners were willing to participate, the SRO decided that the 2012 season would be contested with GT3-spec cars only (yet retaining GT1 in the series' title). All vehices will be performance balanced with weight and restrictor adjustments to make different makes artificially more equal. Visit the home of GT1, GT3 and Blancpain on the web http://www.gt1world.com/ Follw us on Twitter for up to the minute updates https://twitter.com/#!/gt1world And click like on Facebook for exclusive photos, polls and more! http://www.facebook.com/pages/FIA-GT1-World-Championship/128187113869543

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1997 BMW M3 : 8.941 @ 164.330
Mike Radowski, Engine: 3.0L M52, Supercharger: - Turbos: Precision 71mm Tires: MT ET street

1989 BMW M3 E30 Turbo: 8.949 @ 159.210
Vidar Jodahl, Engine: 2JZ Gte, Turbos: Gtx4294R

2006 BMW M3 Precision 8288 Turbo: 10.103 @ 145.960
Chris Bergemann, Engine: HPF Built, Turbos: Precision 8288 Tires: MT

1996 BMW M3 E36: 10.386 @ 137.580
Rob Dequine, Engine: 2JZ-GTE stage 3, Turbos: GReddy T78 Tires: 275/35/18

2002 BMW M3 Maximum PSI Stage 2 Turbo: 10.439 @ 135.810
Mike Radowski, Engine: Stock, Turbos: Maximum PSI Stage 2 - 6266 Tires: M/T ET Street

2008 BMW M3 supercharged ess vt2-625: 10.466 @ 135.130
Powerhaus Performance, Engine: Stock, Supercharger: ess vt2-625

2009 BMW M3 E92: 10.659 @ 131.790
Scott Thies, Engine: S65 ESS VT2-625, Supercharger: Vortech Tires: Nitto NT555R DR

2008 BMW M3 E92 VF Engineering VF620: 10.690 @ 129.380
VAC Motorsports, Engine: Stock S65, Supercharger: VF Engineering VF620 Tires: Mickey Thompson ET Streets

2008 BMW M3 ESS VT3-750 Supercharger: 10.810 @ 135.130
Drew, Engine: S65 4.0L, Supercharger: Vortech V3 Tires: BFGR Drag Radials

2012 BMW M3 E92: 10.843 @ 131.600
Zim Jamie Nezaj, Engine: 4.0 VT650, Supercharger: Vortech Tires: Proxes 888

2009 BMW M3 E92: 10.870 @ 131.400
Mike Wadsworth, Supercharger: ESS VT2-600

2011 BMW M3 ESS VT2-625: 11.004 @ 129.230
Craig (EAS Car), Supercharger: ESS VT2-625 Tires: Hoosiers

2008 BMW M3 VF 620: 11.111 @ 126.990
VAC Motorsports, Engine: Stock, Supercharger: VF 620 Kit Tires: Mickey Thompson ET Streets

2012 BMW M3 E92 DCT ESS: 11.210 @ 127.300
Sherwin, Supercharger: ESS

2010 BMW M3 Vortech V2 Supercharger: 11.249 @ 127.550
Sal@ACM, Engine: 4.0 V8, Supercharger: Vortech V2- ESS VT2-650 Tires: Nitto NT05

2009 BMW M3 e90: 11.293 @ 126.700
Akash (Akh23456), Engine: S65 (v8), Supercharger: Active Autowerke Stage 2 + Tires: Michelin pilot super sports

2008 BMW M3 ESS VT625 Supercharger: 11.308 @ 129.340
Drew, Engine: 4.0L S65, Supercharger: ESS VT625 Tires: Nitto Drag Radials

2002 BMW M3 02 HPF Stg 2.5 Turbo e46 M3: 11.320 @ 136.920
Mike Rashidi, Engine: 3.2l s54, Tires: MT 275/40/17

2003 BMW M3 E46m3 AA Supercharged: 11.410 @ 126.090
Loren Hallett, Engine: 3.2l, Supercharger: AA Supercharger Kit Tires: BF Drag Radials

2008 BMW M3 : 11.417 @ 122.370
Richard deLisser, Engine: S65, Supercharger: Vt1-550 Tires: Ktw 2 bf drag radials


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