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NEW MYVI INFO - 1.3cc and 1.5cc TwinCam 16 Valve (Both)
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Perodua Bezza Part 1
Sleek, modern and practical -- it is exactly why Perodua's next generation prototype model, the Perodua Bezza is ideal for urban youths looking for something bigger to efficiently traverse the concrete jungles of Malaysia or just regular long journeys.

Myvi 1.3 test run 160km/h

Myvi Babi Kurang Ajar Low Yat Bukit Bintang Malaysia Truly Asia
Did you ever stop the car on the fast lane? Yes, that's what happened in Kuala Lumpur. Someone very very smart .... this fella dropped off someone on the right lane when it was raining, traffic was heavy, wet road. This very smart Malaysian just do it - no problem. Malaysia Boleh!