Turbo Mirage 4g63 swap Pacific Raceways TNT 8/24/12

4g63 Mirage 20g@17psi. vs. Honda s2000 Mirage 13.21@117.58 S2000 14.463@98.29 Running stock tires, had traction issues obviously, short shifted 1st and 2nd to help, 3rd was spinning but still pulling hard. Tuning was in progress.

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How To Turbocharge A Truck
Here is how to turbocharge a truck using an amazing turbo whistle kit. turbocharging your truck is easy with the turbo Exhaust whistle. Just put it in the end of the Exhaust pipe and you will have a turbocharged truck.

Mint 4G63 Swap Summit AWD Van
Hands down the best built Summit Van I have ever seen. May not have been the quickest I have videoed, but the attention to details inside and out makes this the most proper build out there.

9 Second Mitsubishi Mirage - 4g63 AWD Drag Race - compilation 6/15/12, Ryan P. MitsuRage
Ryan P's 4g63 AWD Mirage at New England Dragway 6/15/2012. Multiple 9 and 10 second passes, trying some new ideas out, car has gone a best of 9.61 @ 143mph. FFWD built 2.3L 4g63 stroker, still on stock intake manifold, stock (evo) turbo throttle body. New England DSM

Evo 8 20g Turbo Upgrade Machining
EVO 8 20g turbo Upgrade Machine Work. Watch How The Evo 8 Compressor Housing is Machined to a Billet 20g Compressor Wheel. Community: www.facebook.com/groups/turbolab/ Business page: www.facebook.com/turbolabamerica Shopping: www.turbolabofamerica.com Contact: turbolabamerica@gmail.com EVO 4-9 billet 20g compressor wheel upgrade