2010 Challenger 'Daytona"

A 2010 Dodge Challenger that has been made to look like the Dodge Charger Dayton form the early 70's That I shot at the Detroit AutoRama 2013...very cool car....check it out!!!...Make sure you subscribe so that you don't miss any of the other cool cars I shot at this Show!!! For more cool stuff visit http://www.scottiedtv.com/ Video note I miss spoke I should have called it a Super Bird....not Super Bee...sorry..I got twisted Also the car is a 2010 I said 2012.

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Joel Highsmith's 194mph Superbird "Grizz"
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2013 Dodge Charger Two Door Custom Detroit Autorama 2014
A 2013 Dodge Charger Custom that I shot at the Detroit Autorama 2013...A first glance I wasn't even sure what it was....Tons of over the top changes to this one....Check it out!!...Make sure you follow me so that you don't miss any of the cool videos I post daily!! For more cool stuff visit http://www.scottiedtv.com/

2013 challenger superbird road runner norristown,pa oct 2013
this is a richard petty custom design of the superbird( plymouth out of biz) a so called 250,000.00 addition( refund) SAW this at a show today never lifted the hood, does have a fully functional wing though #1 gooped rear wind,#2 it was called a dodge superbird challenger road runner see pics i dont lie neat,fugly,ok.........what do u think?

1970 Plymouth Superbird - Chicagoland Mopar Connection - Very Impressive - Car Start & Engine Sound
Amazing to find a 1970 Plymouth Superbird in this condition and history of the Mopar. Let me also begin by saying Abbey did a fantastic job narrating this video and others. Thanks from USClassicMuscleCars