Will Ferrell Super Bowl Ad (Hi-Res) - Old Milwaukee

Courtesy of Pabst Brewing Company. Here's a hi-res version of the Old Milwaukee ad featuring Will Ferrell that ran during Super Bowl XLVI on KNOP in North Platte, Nebraska. Follow us on Twitter: @mediabistroTV

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Cubes: VIP Tour of Seamless Headquarters
In this episode of "Cubes," we tour the Manhattan offices of Seamless, the popular online food delivery service. The Seamless headquarters boasts an interactive Google Earth "weather wall," blood pressure-lowering chairs, a game room with foosball and ping-pong, and a bunch of other cool features. Follow us on Twitter: @mediabistroTV Producer/Editor: Weston Almond Producer: Andrew Gauthier

Mikki Taylor Takes on Casual Fridays - Media Beat (2 of 3)
In her new book Commander in Chic, Essence editor-at-large Mikki Taylor doles out fashion and beauty tips for the everyday woman based on examples from Michelle Obama. "I love her clear cut assurance, the way she owns her style from within," she explained in our Media Beat interview. And one thing FLOTUS has done, according to Taylor, is inject a much needed sophistication into America's dress code. Casual Fridays? No, thank you, she says. "I think that we're a little too relaxed. I think a relaxed nation creates other kinds of flexibilities that shouldn't exist. Let's treat each other with the respect and the honor that we are due, and so the subliminal things play into that. If we're coming to work in sneakers, if we're coming to work in ripped jeans and plaid shirts, who are we representing?"

Mikki Taylor on How to Make It in Media - Media Beat (3 of 3)
The 30-year Essence vet says the key to longevity in publishing is a combination of good ideas, enthusiasm and a pro-active attitude. "Are you asking yourself 'what great things am I going to do today?'"

Mikki Taylor on Her 30 Years at Essence Magazine - Media Beat (1 of 3)
When Mikki Taylor first started working for Essence in the early 80s, there weren't nearly as many images of black women in the media as there are today. In the 1st part of our 3-part "Media Beat" interview, the fashion and beauty maven credited longtime editor-in-chief Susan Taylor for instilling staffers with a sense of purpose early on. For updates on more videos, follow us on Twitter: @mediabistroTV