Dr. Z Carmen Ghia demo w/ Les Paul

Plugging straight into the Carmen Ghia, the speaker cab has a Mojotone BV-30V speaker. The Les Paul has Mojotone Clone Series PAF pickups installed. Great amp, very sensitive to changes to the volume and tone knob (on the amp as well as the guitar).

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Just a short video showing the amazing sound from this small, 18 watt amp with only 2 knobs !! WOW ... amazing versatility and tone from this little monster. Here it played clean , dirty, grungy , etc. And remember you can get your DR Z Amp from THE GUITMASTERS ..at Fred's Music Shop in Shillington, Pa. www.fredsmusic.com

Dr Z Carmen Ghia Demo - Dave Baker
At first glance, the Carmen Ghia looks rather, well, modest. This is why the Ghia leaves so many people floored from the first note. Clean notes come out with a warmth, complexity, and sustain like one has never heard from such a small amp. Every note has a hugeness to it that seems far beyond an 18 watt head. All this comes before the amp really starts to sing. As you turn the Volume clockwise, the fun factor increases. The big clean notes get even BIGGER than they were before. Sustain becomes as smooth and musical as you have ever heard it. Notes seem to sing forever. This is an incredibly fun amp, and you'll have trouble putting your guitar down. The Carmen Ghia interacts with the player because the player can feel the power tube distortion. This amp has become a favorite in recording studios around the world. It's also a great little amp for small clubs. While many other small amps have trouble cutting through the mix and have a rather flatulent low end, your Dr. Z Carmen Ghia will always cut through the mix tightly and musically.

'59 Gibson Les Paul, Fender Relic Strat with '85 & '89 Trainwreck Express amplifiers
Glen Kuykendall in the recording studio comparing two original Ken Fischer built Trainwreck Express amplifiers. About as rare as they come, the late Ken Fischer only built around 100 amps in total. Played with an original '59 Gibson Les Paul Standard, and a Fender Relic Strat. NO pedals used, no EQ or dynamic compression applied, a touch of reverb added at mix down. www.glenkuykendall.com

DR. Z CARMEN GHIA HEAD + PANTALLA GEORGE (V30 + GREENBACK) 1º) FENDER TELECASTER JAPAN con Lollar Special-T bridge y Lollar Vintage-T neck. 2º) GIBSON LES PAUL R8 con SD Antiquity. En ambas demos toco con el sonido directo del ampli y luego añado un Xotic BB Preamp