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Best Motoring Japan 1993-10 - JDM vs USDM Supra / Automatic Tsukuba battle

Definitive JDM vs USDM JZA80 mk4 Supra review. Tsukuba battle including Mine's Supra. Major differences: JDM 430cc stock injectors vs USDM 500cc. JDM 2 piston front / 1 piston rear calipers vs USDM 4 piston front / 2 piston rear calipers. JDM 16" wheels vs USDM 17" wheels. Tsukuba automatic battle AMG 500E, Infiniti Q45, Honda (Acura) NSX, JZA80 Supra, RUF BR2, JZX90 Mark II.


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Best Motoring Japan 1993-11 - R33 Skyline released / Tsukuba battle
R33 Skyline release. GTST tested, viscous LSD vs active LSD option. Tsukuba battle vs Mazda FD RX7, Mitsubishi GTO (3000GT), Nissan R32 Skyline GTST & GTR V spec, Toyota JZA80 Supra & JZX90 1JZ-GTE Cresta.

Best Motoring Japan 1993-07 - Super Battle '93, F40, Diablo, RSR, NSX-R, R32 GT-R
1993 Tsukuba super battle. Ferrari F40, Venturi 400, Lamborghini Diablo, Porsche 964 911 RSR, RUF BR2, Zeek MR2, Honda NSX-R, Nissan R32 Skyline GTR. For anyone confused by that BR2, it has an electric clutch system and standard H pattern 6 speed.

Best Motoring Japan 1993-09 - Supra RZ vs NSX R / FF Battle / 2L class Tsukuba battle
Supra RZ takes on NSX-R at Maze circuit. FF class battle (DC2 Integra, Prelude, EG6 Civic, 4AGZE Levin, MIVEC Mirage), 2L class battle (Lancer EVO 1, Impreza WRX, DC2 Integra, R32 Skyline GTST, SW20 MR2 GTS, Pulsar GTIR.

Best Motoring Japan 1993-08 - JZA80 Supra released / Tsukuba battle
JZA80 aka mkIV Supra released for the JDM market. Tsukuba battle vs Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Vspec, Honda NSX & NSX-R, Mazda FD RX7, Toyota SW20 MR2.

Best Motoring Japan 1996-01 - DC2R punches above its weight class
Just how good is a DC2 Integra Type R? Good enough to take on cars above its power & weight class. Tsukuba battle vs NA1 NSX, 993 911 Carrera 2, R33 Skyline GTR, JZA80 Supra, FD RX7. Bonus 1.6L class battle featuring Honda EK4 VTEC Civic hatch and sedan, Mitsubishi Lancer MIVEC MR sedan and Mirage hatch, Toyota AE111 Trueno 20V 4AGE, Sprinter Marino sedan.

FR vs AWD Battle - Hot Version International
Go to http://gtchannel.com for more car videos and content. [English Narration & Subtitles] Featuring Orido's personal Ridox Supra, Yumekobo RX-7, Auto Produce Boss Lancer Evolution.

Best Motoring Japan 1994-03 - Champions Battle '94
The best cars from every class tested and battle @ Tsukuba. Production cars: Ferrari F40, NSX-R on slicks, Tuner cars: Mine's R32 GTR, BeeR R32 GTR, Trial R32 GTR, Group A: EG6 Civic, Altia R32 GTR, N1: NSX, R32 GTR, Super Touring: Primera, 318i.

ENDURO CHALLENGE - Taking productions sport cars to the limit - Best Motoring International
Go to http://gtchannel.com for more car videos and content. Can theses cars stand the heat? http://gtchannel.com - We take productions sport cars to the limit by putting them on a multiple lap around the Tsukuba track on a very hot Summer day. Oil & Water temps, and tire wear along with lap times are the criteria.

Best Motoring Japan 1998-06 (Part 1/2) - Super Battle '98 @ Tsukuba
Ferrari F40 & F40GT, Jaaaaag XJR-15, RUF THR, Honda NSX-S Zero, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO5 RS, Dodge Viper GTS-R. Tsukuba circuit in the wet and some quarter mile drags.

Best Motoring Japan 1994-02 (Part 1/2) - Sedan battle
R33 GTS (NA), GC8C WRX , Primera, DB8 Integra, Accord, Lantis (Astina 323) followed by much of the same in the dry with R33 GTST, Eunos 800M and Merc C280 also included. Sit back and enjoy watching these misfits race each other.

Best Motoring Japan 1998-01 (Part 1/2) - Honda Civic vs Nissan Pulsar / Sunny
Civic vs Pulsar/Sunny. EK9 Civic Type R vs N15 Pulsar VZ-R. B16B VTEC vs SR16VE at Maze Circuit. JDM Honda Accord F20B vs Nissan Primera SR20VE

Best Motoring Japan 1997-12 (Part 2/2) - Twin Ring Motegi champions battle '97
Ferrari F355 Challenge, JTCC Honda Accord, Toda F3, Formula Japan, N1 R33 GTR, Mine's R33 GTR.

Best Motoring Japan 1997-02 - 5th gen Prelude released
New 5th gen Honda Prelude released for the JDM market. Tsukuba battle vs S14 Silvia, JZX100 Mark II, Integra DC2 Type R, Lancer Evolution 4, GC8 WRX STI.

Best Motoring Japan 1995-02 (Part 4/4) - Fastest JDM car of '95 battle
The one you've been waiting for. Tsukuba battle featruing Honda NSX, Mazda FD RX7, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 2, GTO MR (3000GT), Nissan R32 Skyline GTR Vspec II, Subaru Impreza GC8 WRX STI, Toyota JZA80 Supra.

Best Motoring Japan 1998-05 - Old Fuji Speedway Battle (F355, NSX, EVO5, M3, Supra, RX7, GTR)
The Best Motoring team pays tribute to the original Fuji Speedway track by having a battle there. What else? Ferrari F355, Honda NSX, Lancer EVO 5, E36 M3, JZA80 Supra, FD RX7, R33 Skyline GTR SEDAN.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1996 Toyota Supra E.Kanoo Drag Supra Titan: 7.036 @ 186.770

1993 Toyota Supra : 7.770 @ 184.000
Kean Wang, Engine: 3.4, Turbos: BL55-91 Tires: MT ET drags

1994 Toyota Supra NA-T: 7.778 @ 176.380
David Henry, Engine: 2JZGE, Turbos: GT4788 Tires: 33x12

1995 Toyota Supra Boost Logic: 8.190 @ 189.710
SW, Turbos: 91mm

1994 Toyota Supra turbo: 8.281 @ 183.150
Saad Saad, Engine: 3.0 litre 2jz, Turbos: 91 Tires: Mickey Thompson

1994 Toyota Supra TT: 9.010 @ 157.000
Darin Dichiara, Engine: 183ci toyota, Turbos: PT76-GTS Tires: MT ET Drag 28x10.5

1997 Toyota Supra Turbo: 9.194 @ 154.630
Alessandro de Luca, Engine: 2JZ, Turbos: Single

1994 Toyota Supra Turbo & Nitrous: 9.740 @ 142.000
Rich Eager, Engine: 2JZGTE, Turbos: BL71GTS Tires: MT

1998 Toyota Supra : 9.910 @ 144.000
Jarrett Humphreys, Engine: 2JZGTE 3.0L, Turbos: Garrett

1994 Toyota Supra Billet 71HPS Turbo: 9.980 @ 139.270
Kevin D, Engine: 2JZ, Turbos: Billet 71HPS Turbo Tires: BF Goodrich G-Force

1993 Toyota Supra turbo: 10.000 @ 136.000
carlos padilla, Engine: 2jzgte, Supercharger: none Turbos: t78 Tires: mt et street

1994 Toyota Supra : 10.050 @ 139.000
Humberto Aurbi, Engine: 3.0L, Turbos: Greddy T-78

1998 Toyota Supra : 10.130 @ 139.000
Jarrett Humphrey,

1995 Toyota Supra : 10.200 @ 139.000
Angel Robles, Engine: 3.0 twin turbo(2jzgt, Turbos: Greddy T-78 Tires: mt et streets 16

1995 Toyota Supra : 10.280 @ 141.000
Brad Daley, Turbos: t72 Tires: 26x10 ET Drag

1993 Toyota Supra : 10.360 @ 141.000
steve whittaker, Engine: 3100cc, Turbos: apexi rh6 x2 Tires: mickey t drag radials

1987 Toyota Supra : 10.386 @ 137.580
Jamie Daley, Engine: 3.0 liter 7MGTE, Supercharger: na Turbos: custom Garrett Tires: mt et drag

1994 Toyota Supra : 10.400 @ 130.000
Chris Anderson, Engine: 3.0, Turbos: HKS twin 2835 Tires: 26x10x15 mickey thompson

1995 Toyota Supra : 10.400 @ 130.950

1994 Toyota Supra Turbo: 10.500 @ 142.000
Jesus Rivera Jr, Engine: 2JZGTE, Turbos: Greddy T 88H ( single) Tires: Pole Positions SO3's


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