Saab 9-5 repairs

A basic instruction for replacing the crank position sensor,if your Saab has starting problems when the engine is hot.Remember to remove the old sealing washer when removing the original sensor.Use a t30 torx

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Saab 95 1999 Crankshaft Position Sensor (CPS) Replacement
Amateur replacement of a Crankshaft Position Sensor in 1999 Saab 9-5.

Clear check engine light for less than 5 dollars
More Tutorials on my CHANNEL: *This video is an EXPERIMENT I wanted to try on my car, and is for INFORMATIONAL purposes ONLY. This fix is for off-road use. The content shown in this video is not intended to encourage emissions test cheating. I enjoy the process of testing theory because you always learn something new, regardless of the outcome. Using a spark plug defouler kit, I install a "buffer" in between the downstream oxygen sensor and the catalytic converter. Quite often, frustrated car owners get the P0420 code for reasons other than a bad cat. I have heard of people getting the code just because they removed the converter and reinstalled it. It can also happen if you run your vehicle out of gas etc... etc... It is also common for car owners to get the P0420 code, replace the converter, and both o2 sensors-- only to have the code come back after 1000 miles or so. This can be a very frustrating, time consuming and of course-- expensive venture. Here is one way to resolve the issue. Good luck and have fun!

Film. Stay Original – "Saab 9-5: you will regret buying it"
A Swedish man puts out an ad for his used Saab with the headline: "Saab 9–5 estate: you will regret buying it" where he lists all the problems with his old car. The ad becomes an instant hit and gets hundreds of thousands of views. So, what happened next with the car? Here's a film about it!

Saab 95 1999 Fuel Filter Replacement
Amateur replacement of a fuel filter on 1999 Saab 9-5.