Tombo engine build part 5

Suzuki Hayabusa engine rebuild from Tombo Racing

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Tommy Bolton has been working on motorcycles since he was 13 years old. He created TomBo Racing when he was just 20 years old. He was the first African-American to break 200mph. Now he has a custom shop in Oklahoma City and builds bikes for the streets and the tracks.

Friendly Drag Racing competition
Tim Howard and Brian Workman drag race at Thunder Valley Raceway as part of a Ride Oklahoma story called 'Friendly Competition". Tommy Bolton with Tombo Racing helped build both bikes and narrates the start of the race.

Race Motor Rebuild
Trying to style my videos like user Tobyeo. He has a lot of dirtbike rebuild and riding videos. Check him out if you like this video. This is a rebuild video. Just something fun for me. Not a how to. Creative Commons music was used.

2013 GT500 5.8 ENGINE BUILD By Competition Auto PART3
Competition Auto's 2013 GT500 STAGE 1 engine build with Diamond Pistons, Oliver rods, Cobrajet Crankshaft, and ARP head studs.