CRASH!!! Tail of the Dragon/Deals Gap (FULL RUN)

After traveling nearly 600 miles I arrived at the world famous Tail of the Dragon. Before setting off down the twists and turns that lay before me I was informed of SEVERAL POLICE CARS that were spotted heading down the road. Needless to say after 11 hours of riding the last thing I wanted to do was get a ticket or worse yet crash and have a nearly 600 mile walk back to Jacksonville, FL. So I set out to enjoy this wonderful road yet again with that in mind. Just cruising the Gap and enjoying every turn along the way. There was a biker down about 3/4 through the run, when I saw him next they were placing him on a gurney and putting him in an ambulance. Hope he recovers fully! Never like to see a fellow rider go down. Thankfully he did have on full leathers. Follow me on Twitter @ch3a4do

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Chaos on the Dragon
July 19, 2008 video of truck crossing 318 curves in 11 miles on the Tail of the Dragon, while THP ignores lane violations. This video is COPYRIGHT PROTECTED. No reproduction or use of this video is allowed without our written permission. TAIL OF THE DRAGON, LLC

Hell Roads - Tail of the Dragon

motorcycle crash wreck
On board with Pablo riding 03 R6 Followign a local guy in his civic on Hwy 129 "Tail of the Dragon"

Tail Of The Dragon - Like 195 MPH - Time Lapse Hi Def - 318 Curves 7 Cops 11 Miles - Gatlinburg
Dragon Tail ::::::: Check out for Smoky Mountains live web cam overlooking Greenbrier Mountain - Great Smoky Mountains National Park. ::::::: ::::::: Click For More Info! ::::::: A Candid Review of Deer Ridge Mountain Resort Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Dragon Tail - 318 Curves, 7 Cops - All In 11 Miles - May 2011 Hi Def Time Lapse --- The Complete Run Deal's Gap, NC To Foothills Parkway, TN 50 Minutes of Drive Time Compressed To 9 Minutes - Since we were driving at 35 mph, this video is like you are driving the Dragon Tail at 195 MPH! Dragon Tail - 11 miles of road with 318 curves. A great drive with the top down and especially for motorcycles. One end is at Deal's Gap Motorcycle Resort and the other end is at the entrance to the Foothills Parkway. Most of the road is in Tennessee. This was our second time on the tail....the first time was last fall with all the fall foliage. Both times with the top down on the convertible - which accounts for some of the windshield glare. Sorry about that - but was too beautiful a day to leave it up! Last time we drove the Dragon, we saw 3 wrecks - all motorcycles - so be careful. Don't end up with bits and pieces on the Tree of Shame! The day we drove this for the photos and movie, we counted SEVEN cops - almost all speed traps. Enjoy - but drive safely. (See if you can spot all seven!) BTW, Movie Trivia: Where we pull off the road, you can see the dam used in the movie, The Fugitive, with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones - where Dr. Richard Kimble jumped from the dam to escape Deputy Samuel Gerard. The freight train wreck that was staged for the movie is down the road from this shot, just outside of Dillsboro, North Carolina. The train wreckage is still there. Dragon Tail - Deal's Gap Photos At: