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Hot Rod 238 Peugeot 306 Aldermaston Raceway Paices Hill 22 May 2011 Race 1

Fleet Motor Club race meeting on Sunday 22 May at Aldermaston Raceway. This is race 1 for the 2 litre Hot Rods filmed from indoors of car 238, the Peugeot 306 of rising star Kevin 'Alfonso' Duce.


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Hot Rod 238 Peugeot 306 Aldermaston Raceway Paices Hill FMC 22 May 2011 Final
Filmed from the front bumper of car 238, Kevin Duce's Nationalish Hot Rod Peugeot 306. This was his last race at this venue with the current Zetec silver top 2 litre, got something different waiting in the wings............

Hot Rod 238 Toyota Starlet Aldermaston Raceway Paices Hill 8th Aug 2010
Kevin Duce in his Ratrod Toyota Starlet 238 on Sunday 8th August 2010, 2 litre Zetec silver top with twin 40s and Megajolt Lite Junior. Race 1 was a win, this race was a second place and the third race the oil filter came unscrewed and seized the engine, darn!

Nuttshaker 2011, National Bangers, Nutts Corner 250911, DD
Nuttshaker 2011, National Bangers, Nutts Corner 250911, DD

Peugeot RCZ Silverstone test drive
Team Peugeot Total's racing driver Anthony Davidson puts the RCZ through its paces around Silverstone race circuit -- Petrol power vs Diesel torque

Ingenuity In Action - 1958 Hot Rod Racing In America / Educational Documentary - WDTVLIVE42
Hot Rod fans learn the processes involved in preparing and entering a 1950's car show. The following scene summary courtesy the Prelinger Archvies http://archive.org/details/prelinger Aerial shot of Detroit out of jet window, with airplane wing Many shots of hot rod auto shows, crowds, and races Full parking lot aerial shots (shaky) Shots of racecar assembly, including welding on the frame and engine work Shots of driving through the Southwest, with Mesas in the background. A desert sunset. Men pushing a racecar on the ramp of a semi-truck. A group of men shaking hands and rubbing the top of each others' heads. Shot on the rear of a racecar with smoke shooting out as it takes off. Scenes of cars racing. Woman shooting with 8mm movie camera. An outdoor pool with men jumping off the diving board. Trucks with trailers going through the Turner Turnpike toll booth. A woman standing on the back flap of a vehicle in sunglasses, thongs and sombrero hat shoots 8mm movies Men at a Coca-Cola stand Shots from front of racing car of on-coming track Close-up of sports announcer with microphone Men accepting and holding trophies by cars A woman in full length gown being aggressively kissed in a joking fashion -- she reacts with a crazy expression Personalities: Chuck Jones, racer from sidewinder crew in Long Beach, California Wally Parks, president of NHRA Ed Cole, general manager of Chevrolet Robert Petersen, publisher of Hot Rod Magazine Mr. Tex Colbert, president of Chrysler Corporation Excellent hot rod footage. Also, very good scenes of trophies awarded to winners of drag race. Excellent color. This is probably one of the best films dealing with hotrods and dragracing. Voice-over by a somewhat macho racecar driver and enthusiast: "Lefty and Tom are high priests in our temple, Lefty works in electronics, and Tom's a mechanic." They prepare for the national auto show in Detroit. They set out with their hot rod in tow, "The Martin Nelson Dragmaster" from Oceanside, California and drive through the Southwest. In Amarillo, Texas the guys stop at a barbecue eatery. Oklahoma had a regional meet. They go through St. Louis and cross the Mississippi on a bridge in foggy weather, leading to a drive down a stormy road in Illinois. They arrive at the meet and proceed through the races. The winner: Rod Singer of Houston, Texas who wins the largest trophy and "The Kiss" from a woman in a full length light blue gown. The enthusiasts will now return to their garages. "To hotrodders everywhere, and their great zeal for experimentation. A fact of Native American technology which is always a part of us. . . . This film is respectfully dedicated" . . WDTVLIVE42 - Transport, technology, and general interest movies from the past - newsreels, documentaries & publicity films from my archives.

Outlaw Hot Rod World Championships 2012, Ringwood Raceway 19/08/12 hotrod hotrods
In car footage from car 238, Kevin Duce's Peugeot 306. Bit of a rubbish race for us due to car being set up wrong for a new type of tyre being run on the 306 for the first time. At least you get a good view of all the other cars.

National Hot Rods
National Hot Rod photos from the late 80's and early 90's taken by Traxlad Music: I was Kaiser Bill's Bat Man - Whistling Jack Smith, Lap of Honour - London Stadium Orcherstra, British Grin and Bear - Whistling Jack Smith

Mendips Raceway - May 3rd 09 - Bangers World QR, Sierras, Minis, Hot Rods
A compilation of pictures and videos from the meeting at Mendips Raceway on May 3rd 09. Includes Bangers under 1800cc (World Qualifier), Special Rods, Mini Rods and Hot Rods. For loads more photos from this meeting see www.ThunderPix.co.uk. Music: Thunder1 by myself (Chris Parry)

Big Bangers 22-05-11 Team Race Heat 1
Speedway Camso 22-05-2011 Big Bangers Team Race Heat 1

Prewar Dry Lakes Hot Rod Racing in 8mm
My dad raced his AV8 roadster at the dry lakes when he was in high school, prior to WWII. My Uncle Tommy took his 8mm camera along. There are a lot of iconic cars in this footage, and a lot of iconic young guys. Enjoy. http://www.seabrighthotrods.com

1600 bangers - heat 1 @ coventry 21st may 2011
plenty of cars out including a cortina estate and a cortina saloon in 1600 bangers - heat 1 @ covetnry 21st may 2011

keefys followin at Fleet Motor Club Aldershot 31/12/06
keefys big followin at Fleet Motor Club Aldershot 31/12/06 The driver of the other car walked away

Hot Rod V6
Hot Rod V6

2.0 Hot Rods Spedeworth Aldershot Raceway. 2011
Aldershot Raceway Sunday 21st August 2011.

Ipswich Speed Weekend 2008 2.0 Hotrods
Race 1 restart

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