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Model Car By Gerald Wingrove
Gerald Wingrove devoted seventeen years of his life to the business of light engineering as a center (centre) lathe turner. Seeing no future in that vocation, he decided to turn his hobby as a model engineer into his full-time job and went to work as a freelance designer and patternmaker for film, TV, jewelry and toy companies. He did work for companies like Meccano (Dinky Toys), Mettoy Playcraft (Corgi Toys) and others. In 1967 he received a commission from Lord Montagu of Bealieu to build a series of fine detailed scale models for the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu in the south of England. Other similar work followed as collectors became aware of the quality of his work, and he soon found himself being invited to visit some of the best private car collections in Europe and the USA to document and reproduce in miniature some of these elegant works of "rolling sculpture".

First Run of Lou Chenot's 1/6 scale Duesenberg engine
Louis Chenot of Carl Junction, Missouri has been working on a spectacular model of a Duesenberg automobile for a number of years. His goal was always to have everything function on the model car including the engine. That has finally been achieved. The first run on March 15th was accomplished using propane for fuel and a model airplane carburetor. Now that ignition is confirmed to be working, Lou is changing back to a scale carburetor and gas for fuel to see if it will run that way too, but just getting a 1/6 scale straight eight with 4 valves per cylinder to run at all on any fuel is quite an accomplishment. All of us in the model engine community congratulate Lou Chenot on this great achievement in model engineering. Watch, listen and enjoy--you won't see another engine like this. To learn more about Lou and the model car, visit Lou's page in the On-line Museum of Craftsmanship at www.CraftsmanshipMuseum.com/Chenot.htm.

"Tips and Tricks for Building Show Quality Model Cars with Donn Yost" (Preview of Instructional DVD)
This is a ten minute preview of Donn Yost's new two disc instructional DVD gift set, "Tips and Tricks for Building Show Quality Model Cars." You can order the DVD at www.oldmansmodels.com. If you have a question for Donn, please visit his websites, www.oldmansmodels.com and www.youtube.com/theoldmansmodels.

1/10 model Ferrari Enzo making
All processes from assembly of tire to completion. BGM Splash Wave(Rhythm Retake Remix) Magical Sound Shower(Rhythm Retake Remix) by SEGA S.S.T.BAND