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First Run of Lou Chenot's 1/6 scale Duesenberg engine
Louis Chenot of Carl Junction, Missouri has been working on a spectacular model of a Duesenberg automobile for a number of years. His goal was always to have everything function on the model car including the engine. That has finally been achieved. The first run on March 15th was accomplished using propane for fuel and a model airplane carburetor. Now that ignition is confirmed to be working, Lou is changing back to a scale carburetor and gas for fuel to see if it will run that way too, but just getting a 1/6 scale straight eight with 4 valves per cylinder to run at all on any fuel is quite an accomplishment. All of us in the model engine community congratulate Lou Chenot on this great achievement in model engineering. Watch, listen and enjoy--you won't see another engine like this. To learn more about Lou and the model car, visit Lou's page in the On-line Museum of Craftsmanship at www.CraftsmanshipMuseum.com/Chenot.htm.

Look! It's PAPER - paper model of KrAZ 255B
KrAZ 255B made of paper [by Joon Heup Kwon] [Making Story] http://www.kartonbau.de/forum/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=11054 [Album] http://picasaweb.google.com/Owen.JH.Kwon

1:5 scale lauterbacher F1 engine start
1:5 scale lauterbacher F1 engine start video.

RC lowrider w.i.p. Real Deal '64 Impala
http://www.jevries.com Here's a first glimpse at the Real Deal '64 Impala radio controled (non driving)lowrider model car. It's 1/24 scale and features a Jevries designed real working lowrider suspension using all of the original suspension parts that came with the kit together with scratch build cylinders and pump motor setup.It works with a tiny RC unit, all working part are hidden. It features a fully decorated interior, engine and trunk setup filled with pumps and batteries all done by ScaleLows, from Indiana. This is the first stage as you can see in the vid the steering linkage is still not there and the rear suspension needs some work as well. In the mean time enjoy this vid!! be sure to check out: http://www.jevries.com for more lowrider model cars.