Losing Your Fear of the BEAST! For those who want to start airbrushing NOW! If I can do it, so can you! Please visit the Lab-RAT-ory:

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GET TRIGGER HAPPY! Practice, practice, practice--get used to the feel of your airbrush. When you think you've practiced enough, practice some more. Please visit the Lab-RAT-ory:

How to airbrush for beginners
Please check the links for all the products used in this video. Airbrush bf8eba3b5f8c4a3c71ef05da0c4b3418 Airbrush cleaner 3c71ef05da0c4b3418 compressor f8eba3b5f8c4a3c71ef05da0c4b3418 Paint cleaning pot 8eba3b5f8c4a3c71ef05da0c4b3418 lifecolor acrylic thinner c4a3c71ef05da0c4b3418 life color paints 8c4a3c71ef05da0c4b3418 com art airbrush colors 8c4a3c71ef05da0c4b3418 Background track: final count Provided by:Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"

How to Get Started Airbrushing!
Follow along with us by signing up for a Tested Premium Membership at This week, we're joined by effects artist Frank Ippolito as we learn how to get started with airbrushing, and try our hand at repainting some action figures! Frank schools us on basic airbrushing tools and techniques, and gets started repainting a Rancor figure. Check out more of Frank's work at Shot and edited by Joey Fameli Subscribe for more videos! Follow us on Twitter: Get updates on Facebook: Tested is: Adam Savage Norman Chan Joey Fameli Thanks for watching!

How To Airbrush for the complete beginner
this is the airbrush compressor and kit I use range/harder-steenbeck-professional-kits/professional-airbrushing-kit-with- evolution-silverline-2-in-1-sparmax-620x-compressor.html cleaning kit s/nozzle-cleaning-set.html cleaining pot s/sparmax-airbrush-cleaning-pot-and-airbrush-stand.html cleaning solution s/vallejo-airbrush-cleaner-200-ml-3937.html