In Car Naturally Aspirated Run

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M54B30 Adventures

WON Pro Series Drag Testing
Wizards of Nitrous Pro Series Drag strip testing. 1rst Gear: + 65 hp 2nd Gear: + 110 hp 3rd Gear: + 140 hp 4th Gear: + 165 hp 5th Gear: + 165 hp

August 29 330Ci Drag Racing

BMW E39 540i Supercharged versus Naturally Aspirated
Subscribe to Automotive Tuning Two pulls/races. First pull is a 50mph rolling start. Camera car is in 4th gear to test and opponent is in 3rd gear. Second pull both cars are in 3rd gear with a 50mph start. Camera Car: M62TU 6-Speed, VF-Engineering supercharged, Magnaflow 16858 dual Exhaust, x-pipe, high-flow converters, M60/M62 (Pre-TU) Manifold, 3.15:1 differential. 3.25''/6'' pulley's (~10 PSI), TTFS Tune. Guest: M62TU 6-Speed, Magnaflow x-pipe, dual Exhaust, high-flow converters, M60/M62 (Pre-TU) manifold, 3.15:1 differential, ~200lbs weight reduction. Best 1/4 (quarter) mile trap is ~104mph.