Honda Civic cylinder head removal...How to!

Basic overview of cylinder head removal on a 2000 Honda Civic with D16Y8, How to remove engine head for head gasket replacement! All the steps are basically the same for 1988-2000 civics with D series motors. Check out my channel for the prep and installation of the head gasket!

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How to disassemble a SOHC vtec cylinder head
disassembling a SOHC Vtec cylinder head. D16Y8 shown in video.

Head Gasket Repair, Install, Replacement on a Honda Civic..How to repair a blown head gasket!
Basic Head gasket repair. Showing you the Replacement prep and Install on a 2000 Honda Civic with a D16y8 ! Just so people can see how to change/replace/fix or repair their own blown engines head gasket! Also, if your just getting started check out my how to remove cylinder head video on my channel! Thanks.... NEVER USE HEADGASKET REPAIR IN A BOTTLE ....IT'LL DO MORE BAD THAN GOOD... A quick note about head warpage....depending on the cause of your head gasket failure, you may need to have the head and/or block resurfaced at a machine shop. Having this done is not always necessary but may be required if one or both of your head gasket mating surfaces is out of the manufactured specified range for head and block warpage. Accurately measuring this using a precision straight edge and the feeler gauges as shown in this video is a vital step and should not be overlooked.

No need to take off the timing belt when changing a head gasket. Learn how to do it here and speed up the process, God Bless.

Honda Civic Bad Head Gasket? Jump Fan switch
This is my 1999 Honda Civic. Think I have a bad head Gasket. I replace the Thermostat, the fan switch and replace coolant. No leaks from hoses. I use a jumper to get me by Driving around town. 2012 update paid for my Repair 1k+ Head,Valve Gasket,Water Pump,and Radiator all replace. : ( But I Have a good running car. NO more problems 10-2013 Update Now Missfireing. Service Valves Gasket and Oxygen Senor. Need to Replace Transmission Fluid. 11-2015 Car was Sold for 1200.00 with temp Problems, Good car over all. Hope this Video or Comments will help someone. Good Car and Great Gas mileage.