98 Stock Corvette C5 1/4 mile

Just ran the car the first day I owned it and ran a 13.3 @ 104 mph......

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1200hp Turbo STREET MONSTER Corvette!
Footage from THE HUNT DVD - http://www.1320video.com/shop/texas-streets-the-hunt/ One of the most impressive CRAZY street cars we've seen in the past few years, and it's so damn simple! Slap a giant turbo on a C5 Corvette, put a giant tire on the back, and hold on for dear life! OK, so maybe it's not that simple to lay down 1200hp + on the street, but we think you'll agree that this

C5 Corvette Track Car - LS7 MSR 3.1 Cresson
Just giving it a shake down, this car can for sure go faster! Motons ERL LS7 560/500 Wheel HP/TQ 315/345 R6 Hoosiers

Corvette C5 Z06 race car weight reduction
This video shows the weight of HVAC and AIR components as well as some other misc parts including headlights, wiring, horn, dashboard parts, etc... The interior trim pieces were already removed when the cage was built but the goal to get below 2900lbs has been achieved.

GT2 Series Racing Corvette - 580 Horsepower - Revs, Flyby, Engine Sounds
Enjoyed the vid? Support us! Click the link below to shop our Amazon site! http://www.amazon.com/?tag=wildcasacom-20 Video of a sick GT2 Series Racing Corvette with 580 WHP at Cars and Coffee Dallas - Revs, Flyby, Engine Sounds . . . . . . ... Orange gt2 series racing 2002 chevy corvette c5 c6 spoiler wing "side Exhaust" v8 pirelli shell kid "cars and coffee" hst dallas texas ecu racecar F1 supercar exotic luxury car automobile "exotic car videos" "Luxury car videos" torque rwd horsepower euro tuner tuning tuned performance joshgoler josh goler joshgoler.com sportscar custom "matte black" wheels rims hi def 1080p HD sound rev revs revving engine note Exhaust speeding "motor sports" acceleration accelerations accelerate flyby . .