SRT8 Challenger (Heads, Cam, Exhaust) Drive-by

Drive-by of Challenger SRT8 with heads, cam, Exhaust at BMC Performance

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2013 392 challenger muffler and resonator delete with custom tips
FEW FACTS TO READ 1. this is NOT an after market package. We simply went to my trusted muffler shop had him cut off BOTH the resonators and mufflers replace them with straight pipes and added custom tips. total cost plus tips little less than $200 2. the stock cats are still in place so smog will NEVER be an issue unless they are relocated or removed. All aftermarket cat back Exhaust have nothing to do with smog. 3. backpressure is not an issue and never will be for these cars or any modern V8 for that matter. 4.Factory 392's (manual transmission) come with short headers NOT cast manifolds, X-pipe and 2.75in diameter stainless steel piping. 5. DRONE....yes this car has drone but its manageable. being its a manual transmission car you can simply stay out of the drone RPM range. Drone occurs in all cars which is why they come from the factory with big mufflers and resonators. High price cat back Exhaust systems do not cancel out drone they simply lessen the sound using different mufflers. you may get a slightly better Exhaust note but not the aggressive sound this has. Spend a lot of $$$ sound slightly better than stock and almost drone free or spend a little $ and sound aggressive with drone. its up to you. personally we have had no issue with drone. its there but its something we can live with and even avoid when driving normally, it also sounds like a muscle car should IMO.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat - 0-300 km/h Acceleration
Watch the 707 hp Hellcat go from 0-300 km/h.The tach is not really accurate, it´s underestimating the speed by around 10-15 km/h at Vmax, so this is more like 310-315 km/h rather than 300 km/h. We discovered that issue while using our VBox telemetry system the day before.

274 Comp Cammed 392 Challenger SRT8
READ FULL DESCRIPTION FOR THE PARTS!!!!! Start up, Idle, and a sweet present at the end ;) Still not 100% tuned but the car is more responsive now and LOUD lol List of Upgrades: - Comp Cams Hemi Phaser "274" Camshaft for VVT 5.7L & 6.4L - Comp Cams Variable Cam Phase Limiter for VVT 5.7L & 6.4L - Non MDS lifters - New strengthened pushrods - Head bolts and gasket set - New strengthened springs - Retainers + shims List of my mods: -Zoomers cat-back -Catless mid pipes -85mm BBK throttle body -Stage2 NAG1 Valve body -TTi LTs 1 7/8" stepped 2" into a 3" collector -AFe Stage2 Magnum -Diablosport Trinity -Mopar TCM

Challenger Hellcat takes on GT500 and Supra in Half Mile Racing!
The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is one of the most controversial cars on the street right now. This time, we catch up with the devilish kitty at the Shift S3ctor half mile event in Coalinga, CA as it squares off with a Shelby GT500 and a Toyota Supra! Race 1 - Hellcat wins Race 2 - Hellcat wins Race 3 - Supra wins Don't forget to SMACK that LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE for more! Check out our Vlog channel!!: Facebook: Kleiber Motorsports is the home of everything FAST!! Click "Subscribe" to stay updated. It's free!! Also, feel free to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at our addresses below! Check us out on Our Channel: Twitter: Instagram: Commercial inquiries: Outro background created by "Amitai Angor AA VFX" Check out more from AA VFX: