Subwoofers Pounding

My Kicker cvr12's ill update soon of a better video.

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Making a Car Subwoofer Box
Making Car Subwoofer Test music: Free Rap Instrumental - Get Lost

The Best Subwoofers Made !!!
Best Subwoofers Made ~! check out my channel ! i have over 2000 Car Audio videos with tons of insane installs !!! check out these subwoofers !~ this is a collection i made of the best subwoofers out there. some are massive spl subs and some are crystal clear SQ subs. ill be making a amp video soon , there's a lil bit of everything in here, if i left something out don't be afraid to tell me :P , top brands like pioneer, FI , audiopulse , mtx, kicker , jbl, infinity , critical mass ,DD, Earthquake, memphis, tang band, sundown, cerwin vega,lightning audio storm,soundstream, Hi fonics ,Massive, diamond, cactus sounds, Lanzar, Treo ,American bass, Powerbass,DC Audio ya rite.....and on and on always plz rate and comment !!! TY!! if you didnt see a certain subwoofer in here check out video # 2 !!!

Dodge Ram Bassforms/ kicker subwoofers
A video if my 2003 Dodge Ram 2500. New Bassforms sub box and 2 Kicker Solobaric L7s. Pushed by a Kicker 1200.1 amp and 2 Power Accoustic 2.4 Farad capacitors BOX IS FOR SALE W/O SUBS!!!! WILL NOT SHIP. MD PICKUP ONLY!!!!!! MESSAGE ME IF INTERESTED!

kicker subwoofer with kicker 6x9's and 4x6's
this is a video of the system that i just added to my truck and love it