1979 firebird trans am crash 90 mph +

gestimated 90mph+ in my sleep trans am meets light pole 3 days in a coma with a brused heart

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Trans Am hit by two Porches 360 Crash Brands Hatch Future Classics

October 2004 Death of my 2001 Trans Am
Its been 11 years since my TA was crushed with me in it. I figured I'd post the news story about it. The boom hit the bridge, dust obscured my view. I was going about 50mph, hit the brakes hard, stopping under the bridge. The boom more or less came down on me. No air bag deployment. If I had stopped slower, the heavy part of the crane would have been on top of me. If I had moved to the right, I would have crashed into the steel counterweight - like hitting a wall. Glass from the t-top was all down my back. I opened the door, got out and waited for the police. The driver of the truck never came over to ask if I was OK. All he did was lay a tie down strap on the boom so it looked like he had properly loaded it. The whole thing was his fault and he knew it.

Trans Am Crash
March 18th 2012. Englishtown NJ

Trans Am Tragities Prt-1
These are just some pics of trans ams that need some serious help!!! Credits to Tach Rev for pics.