BMW K 1300 S mit Akrapovic-Sound

Sound-Lautstärke voll aufdrehen !!! Kurvenspass mit BMW K1300 S mit Schaltassistent, BMW-Sportkoffern und Akrapovic-Auspuff !

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BMW K 1300 S with Akrapovic (2).wmv
Volume on! Curves-fun and Akrapovic-Sond with the BMW K 1300 S (On roads in France and Spain)

BMW K1300S Acceleration with Engine- and GPS-Data Video Overlay
Testing my new Akrapovic slip on Exhaust together with OBD-Link, VBOX-Sport and Race Chrono. Unfortunately I "messed up" the front video by not pressing the record button! Better try next time . . . All speed and acceleration data shown in the video is "real speed" as it is GPS based, maximum speed shown by speedometer was 285+ km/h. To all other speed freaks out there: I know that there are other bikes beeing faster, but for me it was the whole package counting why I went for the K 1300 S: speed and comfort and all the goodies for older men such as shifting assistant, the integrated front/rear braking system combined with the ABS, traction control, adjustable suspension while driving and cardan drive as I do not like lubing the chain all the time . . . This is also not ment to be an "Autobahnraser Video" as I do not want to kill myself or others using public streets for racing. So if you expect insane action on public streets, please do not watch this video, but watch other clips or - which is best to my mind - go for IOM viedo clips as I like to do . . . For those who are interested in the equipment beeing used: I am using an ODB-Link II adapter and an adapter cable for the BMW connector to read the engine data, RaceChrono Pro app for collecting the data and the video overlay, a fast mobile phone to run the app and edit the video and VBOX-Sport for the measurement of acceleration and speed and you need some patience to put it all together : ).

BMW K1300S - The Ultimate Surprise (or "Hear the Quick Shifting"...)
The amazing BMW K1300S 30th Anniversary 2013. This is the first one which arrived in Brazil, on May, 2013. The perfect german machine, with traction control, electronic suspension, ABS, heated grips, onboard computer, quick shifter (amazing), Akrapovic (delicious), sport footrest and so forth... Esta é a primeira K1300S 30 Anos a chegar ao Brasil, na Power BMW!

BMW K 1300 R Schaltassistent 290 km/h +