Racing the 90 Buick Century, lap 2

Same deal but on the low side end up losing traction and sliding to the highside and slowing way way down

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Racing the 90 Buick Century
Got my buick on the race track for a few laps against a big block monster ford

Buick Century Catches Fire on Dyno
This 1993 Buick Century was on its way to the junkyard. Before it passes on, the machine gets one last Hurrah with a fat bottle of Nitrous Oxide and a heavy foot. I was at the Sloppy Mechanics' Dyno Day Meet in Allentown. The finale of the day was this sacrifice to the horsepower Gods!

Twin Turbo Buick Century vs. Oldsmobile
Supra Twin turbos in a Sleeper Buick Century vs. Oldsmobile

the 90 buick century again
its got a bad click to it, sounds diesel, then i revved it without putting it in park, wtf.