Racing the 90 Buick Century, lap 2

Same deal but on the low side end up losing traction and sliding to the highside and slowing way way down

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Bad Transmission Lockup TCS Solenoid On Buick
I knew eventually it was going to go bad oh well. I just unplugged it, and the car drives fine. Should be an easy fix.

shitbox racing 0001
Shitbox racing presents the first in a new series...the battle for street supremacy, buick century style

Racing the 90 Buick Century
Got my buick on the race track for a few laps against a big block monster ford

Drag Race Buick Century 3.3L V6 vs Mustang GT500
I almost kick Mustang's ass ))) My time on 1/4m = 17.66sek and 80.99m/h ( 130km/h)