Low Oil Pressure and The Oil Filter

Do you have a problem with the low oil pressure sensor on your generator? Chances are it is fine and really all that is wrong is your o-ring on your oil filter getting in the way. When it is not fitted correctly and the oil filter does not seat properly inside the engine it results in low oil pressure. Either oil can not make its way up to the pump or it sucks in air from the leaking o-ring resulting in nothing being pumped up to the sensor and the rest of the engine.

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Low Oil Pressure Sensor Almost Destroyed My Engine!
This came off an extremely high quality 13 year old generator. This occured during the coldest winter we've ever had with windchill temperatures at minus 40 below zero farenheit. I think this is what caused this to happen. Sometimes I think some of these bells and whistles just create more problems in the long run.

Is this oil pump good?
Trying to found out if my oil pump is good or not. I turning it with my 1/2 impact with min air pressure. THE ENGINE HAS NO BEARING OR RODS. THE BLOCK AND CRANK ARE BAD-CAN"T BE RE-USED. So as everyone can see it's pumping oil. It's pumping faster then I can pour it in. What do you think? Update-1: Oil Pump is perfect shape. IPSmotorsports said it was bad. Their stupid to be running a shop. They will never work on any of my cars again. The new rebuilt short block only lasted 735miles. They still will not back their own work. Update-2: Had the oil pump checked out by engineers. They told me that the oil pump was 100% good. p.s. All the oil is going into a big tub that you can't see in video :)

3d engine oil system cycle
This animation was created to explain why it's important to have you oil changed.

bad oil pump?
this is a new engine in my 302 bronco was running fine now its sprung an oil leak and look at the oil pressure