BMW 330i E46 acceleration 40-170km/h

Recorded by MT Nokia N95

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BMW 330i e90 acceleration
-real per-frame measurement of acceleration on the speedometer -Реальный покадровый замер разгона по спидометру

BMW E46 330i acceleration 50-200 km/h
Stock, 01/2002 sedan (DSC ON), 170kW (231PS) R6

Razie pe autostrada.mpg
Si omul de afaceri Irinel Columbeanu a fost oprit pe Autostrada Soarelui in timp ce mergea spre litoral, politistii i-au cerut actele la control, Irinel se afla in masina cu fiica sa Irina si cu bona acesteia. 05.08.2011

Supersprint Exhaust Interior of BMW 330i
Some clips for anyone who want to hear what a Supersprint Exhaust sounds like in normal driving situations with some play mixed in too! To be honest there is a minor bit of drone at low RPMs under load. Once a downshift is done to put RPMs around 3,000 under load (uphill) then the slight drone disappears.