Audi S4 Biturbo Nitro 1000HP

Audi S4 Biturbo 1000HP vs Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8

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Hannover Hardcore 1100 HP / 1200 NM (R)S4 Limo - 2K15 Season
Epic 2K15 compilation of the 1080 HP monster from Hannover. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Like B5Elite on Facebook Get the badge now Follow B5Elite on Instagram Subscribe B5Elite on Youtube Join the B5Elite group

Audi RS4 Biturbo Acceleration 0-310 & Brutal Sound
Extreme fast Audi RS4 B5 2.7 Bi-turbo with brutal acceleration 0-100, 0-200 and great Exhaust sound. I think this black beast is the fastest RS4 in the world. Special thanks to the guys from Hannover Hardcore. Also the tuner Tuntec did an excellent job. Enjoy and don´t hesitate to subscribe. Many insane Audi A4, RS2, RS4 and RS6 videos coming soon. ► SUBSCRIBE ► FACEBOOK If you like this video, please visit my youtube car channel for best Audi sounds, drive & grip, acceleration 0-60 0-100 and top speed videos, other Audi videos e.c. Audi Rs2, Audi RS4 bi-turbo with 1000 PS and so on....

Audi S4 Biturbo Nitro 1000HP...
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Audi A4 2,7l V6 BiTurbo (560 PS) Klappenanlage / Valve controlled Exhaust Revs
Henning Wandts 560hp-"YellowSubA4" with brand new valve controlled Exhaust system. Henning Wandts 560 PS starker "YellowSubA4" mit brandneuer Klappenauspuffanlage. Watch "YellowSubA4 -The Video" here: