Chevy Volt - How It Works

Watch a day-in-the-life of how a Chevy Volt all electric car would work.

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Chevrolet Volt: how does it work?
A simple, animated explanation of how the Chevrolet Volt's engine, two motors, three clutches and battery pack work together to drive the car. The same Voltec platform will also underpin the European Opel Ampera.

Out of Electric Range and Gas! What happens? Amazing what the Volt does!!
In this video I show you what exactly happens when a Chevy volt not only runs out of its electric range but also runs out of its gasoline backup. Will it damage the battery? Is there a battery reserve? What should you do? Find out here!!

Alison's Chevy Volt Test Drive
Alison Haislip gets behind the wheel of the new Chevy Volt for a 60-mile tour to learn all about the awesome features of the plug-in hybrid, its battery power and more. It's Power Wheels for adults! For more from AOTS Exclusive, go here:

Chevrolet Volt Drive Simulation
This animation depicts the function of the Chevrolet Volt's Electric Drive in detail for General Motors. VO courtesy of General Motors.