Camaro drag car for sale

$38,000 negotiable call Russell 901-626-4797

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1969 Camaro Drag Car
A very nice 1969 Camaro Drag Car that I shot at the Knoxville Drag Strip on 4/6/2012...very cool car..see it it out!!!

1967 Corvette Super Gas Class Race Car For Sale~Runs 9.90 at 165 Miles Per Hour!
1967 Corvette Super Gas Class ~Runs 9.90 at 165 Miles Per Hour! Keep in Touch, Michael Runnalls Specialty Car Marketing & Media WeBe Autos Ltd. Long Island, NY 11780 (O)631-339-0399 (O)631-328-AUTO(2886) (C)516-729-2003 (F)631-389-2605 Ask us How WeBe Could Be Selling Your Car Too!!

1966 Chevrolet II Nova Prostock
Up for sale in our Tampa Showroom is this thoroughbred drag race car, a 1966 Chevrolet Nova II pro-stock. This custom built car is born from all new parts, the body, chassis, engine, everything! This particular car comes with a pretty nice race pedigree as well, boasting times of 4.80 seconds in the 1/8th mile, and 7.50 in the 1/4 mile. So to answer the first questions, no this bad Nova is not street legal. Let's start with the most important part of this car, the engine. The platform for this engine is a 460 race engine, bored and stroked to a 598 cubic inch monster, complete with a 4 1/2" stroke, topped off with a set of 360 Dart Heads and built with a Lunati Camshaft with specs boasting ,804 intake lift, and .755 Exhaust lift. All of this gives this engine an astounding 14:1 compression ratio, meaning you need to fill this baby up with 110 octane to keep it all together. To feed the fuel into this monster is a 1050 cfm Dominator carb and sitting on top of a Nitrous fogger plate that force feeds this engine a 300 horsepower shot of Nitrous at the push of a button. If you factor all these things together, and complete it with a professional Dyno-tune, this little Nova pounds out a massive 1400+ horsepower as it rages down the track. Now power isn't always everything, in order to win the race you need to deliver the power to the wheels, and doing this is a built 2-speed powerglide complete with a 76 gear trans brake. Some say this is the best option for a drag race car, and it is safe to say that it is the most popular transmission used by bracket racers across the country. To maintain power, this car comes equipped with a primary Magnafuel 500 electric fuel pump, known by racers to accomodate up to 2,000 horsepower, and backed up by a 140 electric fuel pump during Nitrous use. The chassis is custom built with a full roll cage and is designed in spec with NHRA standards, and even comes serialized to prove it's pedigree and reliability. The body is also custom built fiberglass in the classic 1966 Chevy II Nova, to show off that a car can also be stunning as it blasts down the track. Safety features on this car also include a full roll cage, manual release parachute, 5-point harness, neck harness, fire gloves, fire extinguisher and quick disconnect electrical system. All in all, this car meets all standards set by the NHRA, and is still capable of running the strip countless more times, so if you are looking to win at the track, and not spend the required $250,000 just to build one of these yourself, come pick this badboy up today! Options include Aluminum/Alloy Wheels, Racing Wheels, Drag Slicks, Electric cutoff, Removable Steering Wheel, and a massive 1400 horsepower 598 Cubic Inch V8. To see this car in person, including over 100 pictures and a full length video, please go to To see this car in person, please make an appointment by calling us at (813) 645-6200, or by emailing us at - See more at: .y47bADRJ.dpuf

1969 Chevy Camaro Z28 Drag Race Car