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Angry Vettes! Corvette compilation
Corvettes acting out! Turn you're speakers up and enjoy!

FLAMING Corvette From HELL!
Badass Procharger Supercharged C6 Corvette on the streets of Florida during FL2K this summer, this thing sounds NASTY! Even with the heavy soft top the car still moves out!

Custom Corvettes with LED's, Cams, Supercharger, Nitrous, Loud Exhaust!
Nice corvettes! Be Sure To Check out my Facebook Page! Like & Share Please! Or Facebook Search: Mike Anthony Autosports Scott Lee Cupp's Youtube channel (Music Composer):

1500hp Corvette running on the street!!!
This video contains the first and second race. I should have more footage soon. Watch at the very beginning of the video and you'll see the Vette laying black marks all the way down the street. Check out Follow us on Facebook